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V-LT Very longtail!

MODIFIED! End of story! I'm sure this car with the chassis settings will not work on the autobahn for example ...

Can not even compete with a Golf VII GTI. Version Golf VIII coming soon.

Renault just wanted to be sure that they **** up against a Cayman S. Same with the Megane against the ...

engine is more powerful than the old one

Yes Audi RS are lame. I believe that Audi only wants to sell the cars to total knuckleheads (rich knuckleheads) ...

Honda Civic is a FWD Car. There was never the intention to win straight line races.

Below of a McLaren 540?!

my supercar of the year 2017 and 2018.

I think everybody knows that the RS engine underperforms or even gets broken. Just calculate with 300hp for the Focus ...

I chose saloon…width 1m 87cm. I just F*** refuse to call it "compact". period

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