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added 4.2 km drive

4 years ago 

It's still trying to upload that GPX File after 10min. Sended you an message

It does not upload the GPX File from "Harrys Laptimer". Troubleshooting??

Unmodified RS3 8V FL1.36.82 in traffic. Telemetrie data suggests -1second Amateur driver

RS 3 and TTRS beat BMW M2

new laptime   Sachsenring 1:41:17

hmmm something you have to figure out yourself I think. Else it gets ridiculous.

I would never take NCM lap times to compare the performance of cars

When I see the times GT2 RS 5s faster than Huracan performante and 720S you instantly know that the times ...

V-LT Very longtail!

MODIFIED! End of story! I'm sure this car with the chassis settings will not work on the autobahn for example ...

Can not even compete with a Golf VII GTI. Version Golf VIII coming soon.

Renault just wanted to be sure that they **** up against a Cayman S. Same with the Megane against the ...

engine is more powerful than the old one

Yes Audi RS are lame. I believe that Audi only wants to sell the cars to total knuckleheads (rich knuckleheads) ...

Honda Civic is a FWD Car. There was never the intention to win straight line races.

Below of a McLaren 540?!

my supercar of the year 2017 and 2018.

I think everybody knows that the RS engine underperforms or even gets broken. Just calculate with 300hp for the Focus ...

I chose saloon…width 1m 87cm. I just F*** refuse to call it "compact". period

5 years ago 

added Renault Megane RS

5 years ago 

added Hyundai I30N Performance and Audi RS3