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10 years ago 

Vatanen LOL. Boxster is Porsche. Porsche is always faster than any of it's power. Good time.

this is bullshit time by another fake motor trend review

dag johnsen video is not a proof when talking about some lexuses or nissans or sh*t like that they use ...

this is fake just as ZR1 time delete this shame on chevrolet posting fake times

Hats off to Porsche the best car of the category "under 800 hp" much better than mclaren mp4 and ferrari ...

Is This The Fastest Car in The World ?. lol not and has never been the fastest car is mosler ...

this is 100% bullshit FAKE like most of the times by motor trend they just paid by american manufacturers ...

the SHIT of our days from japan somebody even calling it "supercar" fake power output fake nurburgring and other track ...

the king of supercars


questionable time

mclaren can't beat it Porsche is still the King of the Ring

this shit is not a car Porsche 918 is the NEW KING

world record for normal cars (non-radicals crap)

i'd say it's fake

100% fake

it couldnt be slower than some Mazda MX 6 or Toyota MR2. if it's full lap then it should be ...

bravo Mercedes stupid japanese are lickin their own asses

fake as most of gtr's times


much better than some shitty imprezas wrx and lancers evo

600 horses is bullshit for that kind of car 500 is bloody enough it's still perfect

Ferrari driver carrera gt is better coz it has V10 but nevertheless 918 will be better than any other modern ...

377 ps not bhp

7:14 Nurburgring is FAKE, delete it plz

top speed is limited at 375 km/h. Agera base is even faster

good luck to mclaren but porsche and ferrari will be always unbeatable

lol IS-F is crap comapring M3 and this thing will be the same.

viper acr is fake time, cmon admin

GT-R: the most discussed shit in da world

aventador'shit GT3 RS is masterpiece

Tension I HATE IT when they do that....those stupid golden mercs and such shit... agree mate

some of these cars are in my city =)

porsche is the only one manufacturer you can believe without a doubt. and GT2 RS is the fastest at Ring ...

14 years ago 

added Lada 1119 Kalina Sport and Lada 112 Coupe