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10 years ago 

That's an insane car,love it :)

Oh I can see that,the mistake was fixed,they are equal,OH I KNEW IT


no no no i know the reason it's track performance and lap time look,the laptime,GTR takes the lead in it ...

@StevieTheologo yep,i love M5 since i met it in gran turismo 4,it's awesome,plus,the c63 AMG is only faster at the ...

before comparing,i wasn't sure that the SLS would be faster :O

@phavyarden this one is restricted :O

it doesn't look like a 2010 car....

lol,track performance for porsche is 0,that's why corvette is faster,and the laptimes are tooo crazy in times in this comparision ...

hah,newer model is faster,because there are laptimes now newer model.... look at the speed,the laptimes,the o.O... nvm..

oh my gosh,3 speed transmission 353 kmh?!?!?!?!?!

awesome car

i guess it's probably bmw m6

any super-fast car which can reach 320+ km/h......

t-jet? this car isnt fitted for the t-jet part in name cuz it's slow

@Super8 this is still a new car (look at the introduction date -.-) and yeah maybe it's a lil bit ...

huayra is better than you all guys :P

and i didn't say nothing

the car's look is weird (not suitable for 302 km/h) but nice anyway..

wow look at the transmission spelling :O text:6 speed sequintiell fixed version:6 speed sequential that should be fixed

sure fastestlaps,the lambo,it's fast and powerful and awesome-lookin'.... well this poll mostly has lambo aventador most voted,but why did you ...

they arent the same,porsche boxster S is a little performance-updated version

so plymouth superbird is the fastest muscle in the world i guess ^^ that's a fast muscle


lol,the points are near each other while the ferrari is way toooooooooo old :D

the speed doesn't matter towards the price,but how sporty the car look is,do you understand the difference now?

man my most favorite car on planet earth