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0-100: 2,5 sec Mass: 550 kg http://www.autob log.it/post/9041 /caparo-t1-come- targare-una-form ula-1

Quarter MIle: 11.8 seconds http://www.exoti ccarsite.com/pag es/ascari_Kz-1.h tm



The new Ferrari F149?

The 0-100 kmh isn't 3.5 is 4/4.5 sec The 0-60 mph is 3.5/3.8 sec 0-200: 12.7 sec 1/4 mile: 11.8 ...

The first CCX time is a Fake because the CCX is Tuned with a Spoiler! http://www.faste stlaps.com/index .php?page_id=lap time&id=459a 789ead173

Sorry, i didn't know. :)

Welcome to Fastestlaps.com, Otreblax! Thank you! Thank you for information. I will add this picture on top of Vairano lap ...

0-200: 18,7 s http://www.einsz weidrei.de/zexot en/radicalsr3200 5-1.htm

Max Speed: 270 km/h http://www.super carworld.com/cgi -bin/showgeneral .cgi?340

Sorry, I Haven't.... Where i can found the real source?


Please remove : Top Gear Track - 1:23.94 The 1:23.94 is in Vairano

Sorry, i don't found the 0-200...