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Korean cars are getting better and better. Hyundai sonata is also so luxury but there were some complains that it ...

@Georg I also think they knows, unless they have been adviced to buy.

Looks like porsche is the king of rings,with that small amount of power they managed to turn soo fast. ...

They should bring back CSL version.

not that I hate this car but dissapointed on detuned version. I drive audi S5 as my main car but ...

This is not for shopping. Is a special reward to yourself, to show that you have achieved alot and have ...

nice one BR2+

@tg "my piece is a manual too (:" true dat. I canot try to take that from you. just like ...

Great. I like the way mercedes build their top end cars.

@ddd this is the fastestlaps not avaragelaps.

@Jankes You cannot judge from one lap, however A 45 amg appears to be general overrated. The performance does not ...

atleast Subaru are starting to make good looking car.

"People doesnt need performance now" LOL speak for yourself Piorun

It is fast on the straight line but track performance not good.

I have just realised that those videos might have been planned. Still no proof, you might be racing a weaker ...

There is no enough evidence lets wait for more laps from merc.

I think this R8 plus does not do wonders as EXPECTED. It is almost the same as FOUR year old ...

4.9 not fast enough but it will toast many cars on the road.

Nothing beat GTR.

"m3, so she can go around faster." nice one Hamcee

Is there any car in the world that can beat GT-R, with the same or similar power to weight ratio? ...

I think all the cars oversteer on the road, even front wheel drive. I see most of the accident are ...

fastestlaps, I lost my password. how do I recover it?