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3 years ago 

Hello Fastestlaps! Long time without being here! I wanted to add some laptimes from Lightning Lap 2019 (Virginia) and Performance ...

How can you be so sure?

Are this AC Estimated lap times really necessary ?

All this data belongs to the Gen I Dodge Viper, with only 400hp instead of 456 on the Gen II ...

Corvette Grand Sport: 1:08.3 Enough said.

I don't know m8, even considering that Porsche always post very conservative figures, those numbers are just claims under very ...

I think he was talking about the ZR1 numbers.

Has been a long time since i don't post here, how can i add some laptimes?

I have to disagree on this.

And after certain speeds, the amount of downforce will dicrease dramaticlly the acceleration of the LMP1 cars!

Well, Randy also did a 1:30.7 i thinkg against the Vette Z06 and the GT3 RS. So it's 1:31.5 it's ...

No there are not lol.

Honestly, i dont trust this kind of results. Last time the driver of the TA lost more than a second ...

Sorry, i couldn't find a better picture or any further info about the layout and lenght.

I hope Aston Martin Red Bull scrap the idea of powering it with naturally aspirated V12. Really m8? That sounds ...

I was impressed that the Viper was able t beat the 675 at this track, considering that there's not many ...

OMG this show is awful. I couldn't watch it for more than 20 min. I have nothing against Chris Evans, ...

The record made by Schumacher was made during the race,not Qualy(less fuel, and the best possible tires). Vettel on 2011 ...

And way more sexy than the 997's

Incredible!!! For sure it must be the driver! But this track seems to work with cars with epic corner exit ...

Renault, they just don't wanted to put their name on it, cause of the issues that RedBull and the French ...

The shorter wheelbase and a couple of kg's less are doing the job :p M2 also beat the M4 at ...

The treadwear on the Kumho Ecsta V720 ACR is 200, no 20. Here we go. 918 against ACR!

OFFTOPIC. Why i can't add laptimes :(?

That might be true, but we don't know how good it will be the power deliver of the direct drive ...

Even if people expects more from the newest cars, this result is dissapointing for any SuperCar.

7 years ago 

added laptime for Mercedes-Benz AMG GT S

8 years ago 

added laptime for McLaren 570S

8 years ago 

added laptime for Donkervoort D8 GTO Performance, laptime for Porsche 918 Spyder, laptime for Pagani Huayra, laptime for Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport, laptime for Ferrari LaFerrari and more

8 years ago 

added laptime for Dodge Viper ACR (Mk V), laptime for Dodge Viper ACR (Mk V), laptime for Dodge Viper ACR (Mk V), laptime for Dodge Viper ACR (Mk V), laptime for Dodge Viper ACR (Mk V) and more