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added laptime for Porsche 911 GT3 RS (991) and laptime for Porsche Cayman GT4 (981)

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added data for BMW 325i (E92)

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they are two individual tests i think

best thread on here :P

https://fastestl orsche-911-turbo -s-997 shows 0-60mph as 2.6seconds

This is meant to be the laptime for the new nissan GT-R track pack 2013

they could be stating 560hp because that is possibly what the car makes in the worst possible conditions ie. low ...

dont forget that the superleggera has AWD so that will give it an advantage on certain tracks in terms of ...

@FastestLaps im not so sure about the veyron eating the venom at the lights. ok it will have poor traction ...

10.55 quarter mile time is on the STOCK TIRES. just read the article they wrote here :) http://www.dragt laren-mp4-12c-ru ns-10-55-134-56- mph-drag-racing- 14-mile-quickest -production-car- behind-the-veyro n

I think the reason for PDK only on the new GT3 is because they're looking to compete with the likes ...

this laptime is incredible thanks to Walter Rohl the legend! its the same laptime as the GT3 RS 4.0!!! he ...

new world record for mazda raceway 1min 33.62 seconds http://www.youtu La3l_UX77c

here is the video evidence http://www.youtu KX2KZruc3E

nsx v 360 what a brilliant comparison

@Ferrari driver i clearly said 0-300 in 13.63 record. i didnt say 0-100 record. and yes incredible cars. btw it ...

http://www.insid es-benz/c-class/ 2012/2012-merced es-benz-c63-amg- coupe-full-test- and-video.html all the acceleration data you need

@MXN just because you say its fake doesn't make it fake. provide evidence or gtfo

I've tried to add the performance data but it isn't up yet

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added BMW 325i