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Retire the 10.3 time and add this 10.1 time 3:25

10.1 1/4 mile 3:25 of the video

That is speedometer and speedometer is not worth a shit

"""Cheap and reliabity"'" are worthless shit compared to speed to any real fan, fact.

So? If you only prefer a car because its cheaper that means you are broke, and if you are broke ...

So? Its faster than the R8 crap. Speed is only thing that matters. **** everything """else"""

So? It's faster and that is the only thing that matters

And faster than your rshit8


It has done 10.95 secs in normal road. 5:38

According to?

What about the downforce?

Maybe Road and Track tested on much better conditions or downhill

They were removed For example, I remember the 0-300 of this car showed the source when I clicked, but now ...

Why did many sources for test times got removed?

I was talking about the LP610-4, not a Performante.

I was talking about LP610-4, not Performante

10.5 at 138 stock

Where does the 289KPH top speed comes from? I have only seen 280-282KPH

If it was an ""speedometer test"" how come the trap speed is only 1mph higher than the video I sent ...

10.73 seconds at 140.1 mph, stock And since magazines tests on much better conditions, a 10.4 seconds at 141.2 ...

Huracan did a 298 while this did a 296? How? Huracan should be much faster

Change the 0-300kmph time to 27.6 It's not an speedometer figure, since it took around 22.5 in the speedometer ...

Since 0-240kmph is 149.1mph, is it allowed as a 0-150mph (0-241.3kmph) sustitute? By the way, change the 1/4 mile time ...

8.5 to 124mph with a 2.9 0-62mph? With a 2.8-2.7 0-62mph which this car is capable of, it should do ...

Aventador SV does 0-100Mph in 5.7, this should do a 5.6-5.5