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added Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR AMG

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added Ferrari California GT

13 years ago 

wrong car thats the 3r i put a base m12 up

anyone guess nurburgring lap time?

this is the zonda c12 not the c12-s correct stats 0-60 4.2 0-100 9.2 top speed 187 1/4 mile 12.2@123 ...

does anybody think this car can take the caparo t1 on the nurburgring? and if so what do you think ...

that sucks i was hoping for atleast 216:( considering the zo6 tops out at 198.

yeah i dont mind if a car goes 220 but i think that atleast right know a cars hp should ...

O no shit that sucks..lol id rether be supercharged than n/a.

i herd this car costs 140,000 dollars int the states is that true?

i would love to see a volkswagen version of a supercar..lol vdub is the only manufaktur that doesnt have a ...

true i would prolly take an atom on a track over this on a track...maybe..l ol but im sure this is ...

they should have called it the m3s the s standing for sedan/saloon it should have a smalllllll badge like the ...

does anybody have a guess at the nurburgring time? if i had to guess i would say 7:43 thats jussa ...

this is the ruf turbo r not the ctr2..

dude no difference in speed?...r u insane? we all know the R35 is faster than any m3 anf yes the ...

dude i think that a-hole ryo has it out for george..

personally 1183 is a little too much bhp for this car, ide rather have 850. in my opinion

any body have an estimate on 0-60,0-100 top speed and 1/4 mile?

r u talkin bout the RT/10 or the SRT-10

wtf thats not me fastlaps thats why the hell r u accusing me of being japan? not me buddy ...

how come the 1/4 times and etc havent ben changed yet?

this car sucks//lol sure its fast but damn i personally dont think cars like this should be legal on the ...

i dont think it is the fastest car on a track im mean it is right know on th nurburgring ...

212 i donno man thats an insane amount of speed for just 408 and for 1993 non the less. maybe ...

whaaaat where did you here that car can make 620 hp not that im caling you a liar or anything.. ...

why doe this have such a low top speed for a 605 hp porsche?

dont listen to these punks Georg performance figures depends on the driver. ive seen 13.4 all the way down to ...

a new 2010 version would be nice for lotus. im thinkin somewhat of bout 450 hp in a new model ...

damn 3/4 of the world us km/h..had no idea learn osmthing new ery day..lol


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kaden patton 12h 

that is a smexy car

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added data for Audi RS Q8 , laptime for Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG S (W205), data for Audi RS Q3 Sportback, data for Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG S (W205), data for Alfa Romeo Giulia QV and more