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3 days ago 

right ive still got hope

tru tru

looks very good in my opinion

yeah but if you have 300mph proved potential why tf do u not make it public

thats kinda dumb on bugattis part

isnt the chiron 300+ in production or am i stupid

i mean 600 hp is more than enough to give the nsx a chance but i feel its too tame ...

lol but an esf with 6.0 v8 hmm sounds seggc

bro an es-f with a 6.0 v8 makes no sense especially as it uses a camry chassis are you sure ...

just saying but mercedes prolly has only around 20 to 10 percent of not making the car

how tf did the m3 beat a track focused car omg bmw what the fug

especially against a bmw which isnt a joke the new m3 is too op lmao

have you tracked it?

what the heck lmao 5 inch rims ?

i feel its too bloody tall lmao

right i was thinking maybe a special ed

yeah but 700k makes no ****in sense

1 week ago 

added Luxgen S3

1 week ago 

added Rayton-Fissore Magnum

4 months ago 

added Luxgen U7 turbo and Luxgen M7 turbo

4 months ago 

added Luxgen S5 gt 225