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fastestlaps da rules sed no modified rides and dats modified delete it

if you want to know the top speed go to www.koenigsegg.c om or www.ultimatecarp age.com for information about the top speed and ...

all the data of the car is wrong all the right stuff is in the website www.ultimatecarp age.com everything except the ...

the RUF RT12 is a porsche 911 GT2 turbo because it looks the same if anyone wants to see it ...

its a mazda mx5 with new lights and manufactuer

yo fastestlaps admin DELETE dis car now and georg's profile and put a sign up saying know georg's allowed in ...

crap car georg u cry like a baby

wa wa wa georg cryin like a baby get lost

the dodge viper GTS roadster is much better and sexier

i copied all the information from the website ultimatecarpage it shows all the right information and the top speed ...

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added Aston Martin DB4 Zagato