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11 years ago 

added data for Edran Spyder (Mk I 182 PS) and Edran Spyder

11 years ago 

why are we arguing over how to pronounce it, do you like it or not

is this based on an ac cobra with a few minor changes in the way of bodykit


Abarths need to do better in the way of lap times

Fiatrrari lol

@Scottish Car Addict don't get involved

@Anonymous then again it isn't the fastest car in the world

i quite like this car

i have now commented every lambo

8bhp makes almost no difference, besides it is 570bhp

how have i not heard of this


oooooooooooooooo hhh

The contach is the king

Ooh a jalpa

Is that the Top Gear Track

nice one lambo


wow i lov that chrome one on the side

never heard of this till now

soz i ment #2

I love contach's

Valentino Balboni, we salute you

I think the army will need some, don't know why but they just do

I don't car what other people say, lamborghini are the car kings

@Anonymous it was made in other colours such as yellow, grey, blue, black ect

I LOVE that pic

you forgot to put the displacement which is 6.0 litres, clue's in the name

I love diablos

Nice pic

Contach>GTO in my opinion

The contach is a total LEGEND

1 lambo

woop woop i love lambos

nice car

You'd think being called the P400 that it'd be 400bhp

my dads fav

3 best lambo

I'm sure it's all wheel drive

some figures are wrong, still nice car

was it the last lambo of the millenium???


nice car


I love lambos XD

11 years ago 

added data for Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman, Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman and Ford Mustang M81 McLaren