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True but its still going to a great deal

And once C8 Zo6 is out every Lamborghini and Ferrari fanboy will be in their beds eating ice cream and ...

Ive heard one in person and they are LOUD after hearing one accelerate and drive by my ears were ringing ...

Wait for model s plaid

The beard gives me Abe Lincoln vibes

Weight is wrong

I think that this proves that the new GT500 is a Supercar. It beat a 570s Mclaren and a few ...

Nürburgring Time?

180 Mph is around 290Kph mobile-catalog.c om/performance/2 021/2915930/ford _explorer_st_3_0 l_ecoboost_awd.h tml performance link I found


How f1 cars have like 1.5 0-60 times and top speeds of over 220

And then Ford will stuff the Mustang GT engine in it FCA will make the Wrangler Hellcat, and then ford ...

Well its a Porsche what Else would we expect it to do

“V6 hater has left the chat”

Ford should bring back the cobra with a mid engine to compete with the corvette and for a higher performance ...

Maybe the person who made the site is from Europe and that’s why there are euros

Becasue the gallardo is a LAMBORGHINI and it’s probably better becasue of engine placement.

How do you know? Just wondering

This is so overpowered for its price but thats a good thing


There is no CT6-V

This could compete with the M5 BMW and E63 AMG

Probably made it compete with M3 and M4 bmws

I think this proves that the new GT500 is a super car as well as the c8 corvette

Performance for price not price wise

Okay got it

Why does this look like a rendered Bugatti

LOL Porsche be like

Remove the nurturing time because it wasn’t with a stock WRX sti

Honestly the rain probably made the m5 lose worse

It’s says estate/vagon someone Change it to estate/wagon

Still its very fast but it could go faster.

Alpine is Renault and Aston MArtin is RAcing POintt

Yeah they do

So he supports blm but is racist

This is missing the Tesla roadster and SSC Tuatura


Who saw the top gear episode were Jeremy Clarkson was in this

Ive seen some kids in elementary cuss before and once i say a 9 year old f bomb someone on ...

The best sounding car I’ve heard is a c7 zo6

Holy shit this thing is fast