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No they hav diffreant vin!!!!!!!!

he owns twitter and since theirs lots of racists there HE is providing them a racist podium to speak on ...

he makes electric cars


you cosimo bootlicker jesskoen

@Fastestlaps why won't the top speed be added?

not true

Kinda deserved, it makes want to add the hennesey exorcist bit idk if good

not street legal good sir, please delete

@Hoppelmoppel123 please add Hagerty test figures: (weighs at 1,634 kg or 3,602 pounds) 0-60 in 4.0 sec for automatic Quarter ...

Where is the 400z page?



Have you heard of air suspension, many low sportscars have it. You can like raise the cars ground clearance ...

not track only

you have a 3 sires? not even a m3 or else you would've said. BMW X3, X3M, X4, X4M, X5, ...

I have no clue what mine was, or if it even still exists

meant to thumbs up sorry

the c8 has won the Performance Car of the Year in Japan, 2020 Motor Trend Car of the Year award, ...

statistically US is 33rd in the world in police killings not "Leading the way"

what bmw do you have? none

You will dust it with what, what bmw do you have? An issetta? An i3?

That's chip shortage. None are on backorder . Your "luxury" won't even come with a touchscreen or android auto becuase ...

There are infinitely more murican cars worth more than your shitty base model high mileage bmw

What crappy bmw do you have

if you remove about 5 sec to get the non full nurburgring time it does about a 7:30.45 only ...

both need to go on a diet

@Eric suck a fat one

no bmw will "spank" a czinger, a SCG a ZR1, a Viper, or a Ford Gt, Further down. No bmw ...

"Nobody wants them" the c8 corvette was on backorder for so long long that you had to wait a year ...

you didnt do anything

buy doge coin to fund your hypercar spending

czinger 21 beats it lol

And you are?

BMW I8 with a mini 3 cyl engine is something Eric will never know

It's incredibly stupid that the world's fastest car doesn't have its own Vin, but a twin turbo, body kit carrera ...

Pretend you don't hear him

different engine, chassis, transmission, body, suspension, electronics. A bit different of a car. To clarrify the 9ff salvatore and gt9 ...

so is the exorcist good to add? has good data

adding a crappy body kit and some turbos doesn't make it a different car. German legislative authorities including the TUV ...

how these cars allowed bro

you'll have to do A LOT more than that to get 5.6s 1/4 mile

Acura still popular, cheap and with brand recognition due to the nsx, Honda, the Integra and their racing

Same issue too, no halo car to drum up brand recognition and hype

no one on this website is

average person doesn't know that though

Yes but every company with boring cars has cool cars, for every audi driver there brand also makes the r8, ...