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4 hours ago 

the 918 and laferrari came out 1 year later

this what I mean

the 430 scuderia is faster at all the tracks they share, and acceleration times, and that was made 3 years ...

this is the top trim and the other model is the base model but not labled as the top trim, ...

This is an acid trip

you go girl?

is there any reason why the top speed hasnt been added

weight is meant to be in lbs (3340 lbs)

the bmw is modified

Check the pic I put up. Idk if it's enough but if it's not I can delete the car ...

I'll upload a pic in a bit

On there website it doesnt say if its for the 1400 or 1900 hp version, but they also dont have ...

can u add the laptime for this and the ct4 v blackwing?

this car will be in the peterson muesams hypercar exhibit

could someone please add the aforementioned lap time

took too long to come out, when it did it was behind in terms of performance. Great car

0-62 in 1.8 sec 260 mph top speed This might be for the 1903 hp version

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added Elation Freedom

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added Ares Panther Progetto

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added Ares s1

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added Ultima Spyder

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