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3 months ago 

GT2 RS MR - 1:29.35  

GT2 RS MR - 1:32.71  

GT2 RS MR - 2:06.83  

GT2 RS 2:27 MR  

2:09.22 Ferrari 296 GTB  

McLaren 720S Knutstorp record! 1.03.24. Actualy turns out this was without a chicane though.  

Yep, 47.41s in fact.  

AMG GT Black Series - 1:20.926

M3 Comp - 1:30.84 M5 Comp - 1:30.61 AutoBild 12/2021

Chiron SS - Yep, 2s off the SF90 time. In fact, it's known that the Black Series Cup 2 Rs ...

Cup 2 R tyres shave 2s off though.

1:03.6 - SF90 Stradale (Autocar 3 Nov 2021)

1:21.1 - SF90 Stradale (Autocar 3rd Nov 2021)

How do you get videos to show?


AGM GT Black Series - 1:28.27 (time at end of video) - Auto Zeitung test



1:43.87 F8 Tributo  

I'd say the P1 time is just wrong. It won't be 8s faster than a LaFerrari, no way, no how. ...

Well it's allegedly beaten a Senna by 2s on Circuit de Montefaine on Auto Moto TV Show (France).

True, sorry.

Huracan STO - 1:27.94 (Autobild)

Yeah, really. Doesn't look quite stock though.

1:21.63 M3 Competition (Motorsport Magazine)

Measured 676ps.


McLaren Senna - 1:27.23.

RWD cars that ran on a different days with different drivers, with the GT2 RS using the Cup 2 R ...

AWD is a big advantage anywhere, especially on narrow tracks with crests like VIR and Sachsenring, that said the 992 ...

Different day, different driver, so hard to judge. But it was 7s faster than the Huracan Evo that day, which ...


Different day, different conditions, 122 corners. I lie, it was 7:23 with Cup 2s.  

It did 7:21 without Cup 2 Rs.

Jaguar XE SV Project 8 went faster.  

Paul Englert.

The one Sport Auto tested only had 745ps. The Turbo S they tested had 669ps. It is true that some ...

7 years ago 

added Lotus Evora Sport 410, laptime for McLaren P1, laptime for Porsche 911 GT3 (991), laptime for Porsche 911 GT3 RS (991), laptime for Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 and more