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1 month ago 

I believe the AMG GT R already effectively has an R version of the Cup 2, since there are two ...

I doubt a GT2 RS will beat a Performante by 4s on such a short lap even with Cup 2 ...

0-300kph in 18.6s https://www.germ hreads/quattroru ote-720s-perform ance-full-review .59141/

720S - 1:10.218 https://www.germ hreads/quattroru ote-720s-perform ance-full-review .59141/

The first 7 times are for the shorter Magny-Cours club track.

Dottinger Hohe... Hohoho.

Mclaren Senna - 1:17.7 https://www.germ hreads/autocar-r oad-test-mclaren -senna.58880/

McLaren Senna - 1:03.8 https://www.germ hreads/autocar-r oad-test-mclaren -senna.58880/

Time for a breakaway X1 series.

It'll be cheap compared to a Ford GT and probably as fast.

In fact on Sachsenring, the GT3 RS with the Cup 2 Rs is as fast as the GT2 RS with ...

Go test them side by side with Corsas and see if they last 2.5 times as long. Read the link ...

Lamborghini SV Jota - 6:44.97

If the last 8C is anything to go by, buy it and then watch prices sky rocket.

Yeah, their acceleration times are consistently slow for all cars.

Impressive but it would be less impressive if it used the Cup 2 R tyres, which are worth about 2s ...

Does anyone know what tyres the GT2 RS used for this lap?

[image redacted]

Some times here: [url]https://www .germancarforum. com/attachments/ track_times-png. 446931/[/url]

8 months ago 

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8 months ago 

McLaren 675LT - 2:16 laps https://www.yout dTN569QLDvs

I think there is a new lap record here.  

The first 3 times on this list are obviously for a different track.

Yes, troll he is.

Porsche 919 "special edition" - the 919 EVO, has set a new absolute track record at the Spa Francorchamps F1 ...

Un-restricted Porsche 919 Hybrid - 1:41.77  

0.3s faster now.

0-300kph - 19.2s (with 2 people in car) https://www.germ hreads/mclaren-7 20s-vs-911-gt2rs -ams.58232/#post -885546

https://www.germ hreads/mclaren-7 20s-vs-911-gt2rs -ams.58232/#post -885546 AMS - Auto und Motor Sport 720S: 1:48,2 s (Corsa) GT2 RS: 1:49,1 s (Cup 2)

The cars are faster than before but they never really got the best lap out of a 675LT either. Equally ...

Couldn't beat 1 minute?


It's amusing because Porsche fans have such a hard-on for accusing other manufacturers of cheating.

Ford GT - 2:38.62 http://www.roada cars/a15884757/f ord-gt-lap-recor d-vir-viper-acr/

Apparently the 720S just set the lap record. http://www.mclar s/mclaren-720s/8 3314-mt-big-will ow-times.html#po st1532274

Imagine if we could do that with all electric cars.

1 year ago 

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