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6 years ago 

added data for Toyota Celica GT Four ST205 and Toyota Celica GT Four ST205

9 years ago 

All wrong. the XJR-15 all came with dry slicks for special events. Can someone delete the Silverstone National Circuit time? ...

Correct time of 3:06.8 (C&D 2/11 pg.42)

1k kilos, miss these cars. Wish Honda would eliminate torque steer and give a new meaning to fast and furious ...

This should just be a DB9, not a special.

Since the GT-R has truck sized tires Nissan should drop an Infiniti FX body on this utility vehicle. That would ...

I would love to put a Zonda exhaust system on one of these similar motors.

.FastestLaps2 years ago.Cound not update 0-100 acceleration time because 0-60 is not the same as 0-100 km/h. Fastestlaps, the 2mph ...

I agree Yeves Le Frances. The carbon Z06 is right on the heels of the ZR1 and the LS7 has ...

The marine Viper engine is still in production with 725hp, no need for a sc, but a sc LS7 would ...

Actually the Nordschleife is the closest track to street pavement and these are street cars.

This would be better in a B3.

Thank you FastestLaps for providing the one site I probably couldn\'t live without and is far better than all the ...

The independent suspension on this car was not well designed and needed frequent service, but was great to see a ...

I always thought it wasfunny seeing Italians driving Corvettes and not it\'s even funnier they are building them, now no ...

This chassis belongs under the new SLS.

V8 TDI makes sense here.

What\'s even more annoying is when you put something heavy in the passenger other than a person and it dings ...

Hige disappointment when a legend can\'t beat the freak Panamera around Balocco.MB just can\'t make their cars or racers handle ...

FastestLaps, I strongly disagree. Torque is exactly what these heavy auto AWD cars need to be the stealth fighters they ...

The V8 TDI would be perfect in the A4, a stealth bomber.

Finally a car that uses the right size tires, the 265/35/20s are also used on the front of the much ...

Nice to see my anonymous comment 3 months ago stirred things up a bit. Now that everyone has had their ...

Georg thanks for contributing such an unknown work of art. Great minds think alike.

The 911 isn't what the 917 is and a Flat-12 based on the GT3 RS would be an 800+hp Juggernaut ...

Source: http://en.wikipe een_S7

11 years ago 

added Saleen S7 Competition

12 years ago 

added Subaru SVX LSL


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Hoppelmoppel123 4h 

added data for Ferrari 550 Maranello, data for Lamborghini Diablo 6.0 VT, data for Porsche 959, data for Lamborghini Diablo and data for Ferrari F40

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added data for Lexus LC 500, data for VW Passat Variant 1.8 TSI, VW Passat Variant 1.8 TSI, data for Skoda Superb Combi 1.8 TSI, Skoda Superb Combi 1.8 TSI and more