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1 week ago 

This is their peak, let's enjoy it and don't think too much on next C63's 4-sh!tpot engine :D

Yuup. Does Urus get Corsa's too?

Got destroyed on Cup 2 by M8 on track lol Cauf will say fake news

Price 200k € ?

He is right about stock price and Mercedes outclassing BMW and Audi is subjective statement. Big 3 have shitty EV's ...

He is so slow, I already mention it here https://fastestl i60rbd2fsv

Ya sure about 100hp difference ? Seems too much. Leclerc was 0.4s slower than last year.

Due to Cup 2. Never won against Giulia on head to head on track

It's like buying Brabus and saying: My AMG is stock :D

Porsche beat GT63 S time by 0.4s (20.6km section 7:25.01 by Panamera - 7:29 time is 20.8km section). Buuut Panamera ...



Pirelli P Zero 23"



Like what track exactly? Only at Magny-Cours...

Can't believe there are still people who think RC F can do sh*t to M4 Competition

0-200 km/h in 4.3s today done by Ocon

1597kg with full tank?

"I still maintain my position that the R8 will be faster on track than the M8 on the basis of ...

"Your example is far from conclusive evidence that the M8 is a faster track car" What's your evidence that M8 ...

YT is not real data, r8 is really rare therfore R8 vs Huracan reability is a myth, based on fanboish ...

Please AMG make a Shmee giveway for Porsche, they need it :D

From 7min 20s for 991.1 GT3 RS to 6:56 for 991.2 GT3 RS is like a new generation difference, not ...

It is true. You must admit