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I honestly expect this to drive like a GT63s. It has similar power(this prob has less in some ocasions) similar ...

A GT3 at most. Its not getting anywhere near a GT3RS.

I believe AMG One is much more capable around the bends than SF90 simply due to the aero. SF90 seems ...

I wonder if it actually does have more aero grip. We don’t know the exact figures for GT Black Series ...

Not true considering Senna makes 800 kg at 250 kmh while GT3RS makes 860 at 285 kmh. Still these are ...

1700kg yet she still achieves sub 6:30, truly insane engineering.

Im just proving that it went faster than 1:40, theres no reason for her to lie. The AMG One went faster than 1:40 At Hockenheim according to Maro Engels wife(proof is in the comments) ...

  “What a beast! That's factory delivered…stock brake fluid and alignment. I believe the previous Stock car lap record was ...

The Unrestricted Exhaust Huayra R is the best sounding car in the world, no discussion.

Definitely way more time to be gained, team said it could do sub 1:10 properly dialed in.

Their best bet right now is to try and get the Nurburgring Lap record which im sure they can. ...

The Black Series already is.

Speed is irrelevant imo, its about bringing the F1 experience to the road. I agree, 1700kg is a horrendous weight ...

Is reliability really a factor in cars that are most likely gonna become garage queens?

The 7th accord v6 is the greatest car to ever exist.


To make matters worse, the car they ran on friday(Record session) was the one with the extensive modifications.

Lambo fanboys aint gonna like this one

Heres my evidence, watch the window when he closes the door, your gonna tell me thats glass??

Not even that, it has race abs, and lexan windows all around, we all know thats not on the production ...

Its pretty obvious that they’re covered, look at the videos and zoom in. Too much sketchy stuff going on here. ...

Why are the front air intakes covered?