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Exactly. It did 10.1 at Motor trend.

McLaren themselves stated that this car is for straight lines.

None of which it can actually utilize unless its on a dragstrip, as we have seen in the past. ...

Either Randy wasn't giving his all in that lap or the M8 is just not suitable for track days. Because ...

Remove the carwowness to reach reality.

Mr. Musk needs to understand that his company Tesla already makes great cars. They are practical, fast and usable and ...

For the rare and discerning individual who finds the 720S's performance lacking.

The mid-engine appearance helps.

Using creativity skills.

Except Senna is a more purpose built track weapon, so should be able to achieve faster laps.

Anyone else remember this car from CSR Racing?

This is a 2 week old battle in which one combatant is already dead. He was trying to prove that ...


Include the McLaren GT in the lower group, since it is the most grand toury McLaren. As for the above ...

I apologize if I strayed from the CARness of the forum. Well anyway I've learnt a valuable lesson: "Don't argue ...