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added data for Daewoo G2x Turbo, data for Kia Cadenza, Kia Cadenza and Daewoo G2x Turbo

13 years ago 

There's one more clone of the GT and this. It's called: Daewoo something or other Don't belive me? Go to ...

Here comes the muscles from Brussels!

Is it possible to still take 20 seconds to get to 62mph?

You would be stunned to see how many beetles are still running in portugal (a friend of my dad bought ...

@Fastestlaps and Yaspaa And I love old muscle cars like the oldsmobile cutlass supreme , the chevy impala from 1964 ...

Isn't That the 5.0's engine?

It's a FORD here in Portugal. I thought the first time I saw it that it was a bigger Puma ...

That's a man's car! Has anyone seen a girl driving a proper cosworth? (190E Cosworth doesn't count)

First the Charger and Challenger V6 now there's this: Ford Mustang V6 Actually, i think it's a good idea because ...

And 0-60 is impossible because it only does 43 mph

So, what Apathy is saying is that the TVR cuts trough the air better than the GT-R and ZO6 ...

Now serioulsly, this car is a living joke

Audi is faster

So the baby SL63 is easier than the big brother SL65 to drive ?

One small thing : i think that the GT-R and the vette are different kinds of cars. The Corvette is ...

We have the same tg time twice

Why are the R33 , R32 and R34 GTR's all limited to 111.6 mph?

It's slower than the standart GT-R?

@Matt the avantime was an ambitious but failed project!

Just to save the weight , BMW made the boot floor from CARDBOARD! (According to Jezza)

Just wait a second!! What about the XJ220?

Not even in portugal do you need 250+bhp. My dad's 95' corsa swing doesn't have that power not even half ...

Didn't MG have more to shove in its body?

It's purpose was racing, it's body was made by lambo, then lambo was bust, when it came out it was ...

Next there will be a A3 Saloon with the RS3's engine tuned to 408 bhp (probably it's in this month's ...

Lambo is still in the VW group (Audi)

Guys, shouldn't we have fuel efficiency posted on the specs ?

Soo... It had to come to a end someday...

Why did Pontiac get Extinct? Does anyone know? They made basically good cars like this GTO , the G8 and ...

It's nice looking but with S-line Package (i think , cuz there's more than one package) it gets a body ...

guys the real weight is 1800kg http://configurador.audi.pt/controller?event-update-or-create-audi-code=1&tpl=pdf-page&mandant=accx-pt