Powertrain specs

Engine type Ferrari V6 turbocharged hybrid
Displacement 1.6 l (98 ci)
Transmission 8 speed semi-automatic
Layout middle engine, rear wheel drive

Race results

Race # Driver Gap
Brazilian GP 4th Kimi Räikkönen +9.5
Brazilian GP 5th Antonio Giovinazzi +10.2
Bahrain GP 7th Kimi Räikkönen +47.5
French GP 7th Kimi Räikkönen +1 lap
Hungarian GP 7th Kimi Räikkönen +1 lap
British GP 8th Kimi Räikkönen +65.5
Australian GP 8th Kimi Räikkönen +1 lap
Italian GP 9th Antonio Giovinazzi +1 lap
Chinese GP 9th Kimi Räikkönen +1 lap
Austrian GP 9th Kimi Räikkönen +1 lap
Singapore GP 10th Antonio Giovinazzi +27.9
Austrian GP 10th Antonio Giovinazzi +1 lap
Azerbaijan GP 10th Kimi Räikkönen +1 lap
Bahrain GP 11th Antonio Giovinazzi +64.6
United States GP 11th Kimi Räikkönen +1 lap
Azerbaijan GP 12th Antonio Giovinazzi +1 lap
German GP 12th Kimi Räikkönen +42.2
Canadian GP 13th Antonio Giovinazzi +1 lap
Abu Dhabi GP 13th Kimi Räikkönen +1 lap
Russian GP 13th Kimi Räikkönen +68.9

Qualifying results

Race # Driver Gap
German GP 6th Kimi Räikkönen +0.8
Belgian GP 7th Kimi Räikkönen +1.6
Austrian GP 7th Kimi Räikkönen +1.1
Bahrain GP 9th Kimi Räikkönen +1.2
Australian GP 9th Kimi Räikkönen +1.8
French GP 10th Antonio Giovinazzi +2.1
Brazilian GP 10th Kimi Räikkönen +1.4
Hungarian GP 10th Kimi Räikkönen +1.5
Australian GP 10th Antonio Giovinazzi +1.9
Japanese GP 10th Antonio Giovinazzi +2.2
Austrian GP 10th Antonio Giovinazzi +1.2
German GP 11th Antonio Giovinazzi +1.0
Italian GP 11th Kimi Räikkönen +1.2
Azerbaijan GP 11th Kimi Räikkönen +1.6
French GP 12th Kimi Räikkönen +2.2
British GP 12th Antonio Giovinazzi +1.4
Italian GP 12th Antonio Giovinazzi +1.2
Azerbaijan GP 12th Antonio Giovinazzi +1.6
Japanese GP 12th Kimi Räikkönen +2.3
Monaco GP 13th Antonio Giovinazzi +1.8
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FastestLaps  4y ago

Sauber F1 now renamed after its main sponsor "Alfa Romeo". Now seems like a junior Ferrari team, especially with Ferrari driver Kimi Raikkonen now driving for them.


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DrDuke  4y ago

Really? I got a plot twist for you: Kimi started is F1 career with Sauber.


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FastestLaps  4y ago @DrDuke

Interesting fact I didn't know. I only remember him since McLaren.

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dr. cosimo  4y ago @FastestLaps

people with tattoos die faster and in a horrific way