Image of Artega GT

Artega GT specs

Car type Coupe
Curb weight 1272 kg (2804 lbs)
Introduced 2009
Origin country Germany
Views 22.5k


0 - 50 kph1.7 s
0 - 60 kph2.2 s
0 - 80 kph3.2 s
0 - 100 kph4.3 s
0 - 120 kph6.1 s
0 - 130 kph6.9 s
0 - 140 kph8.1 s
0 - 160 kph10.5 s
0 - 180 kph13.7 s
0 - 200 kph17.9 s
80 - 120 kph2.9 s
Est. 100 - 140 kph3.9 s
Est. 100 - 200 kph13.6 s
Est. 0 - 60 mph4.0 s
0 - 100 mph10.4 s
Est. 1/8 mile8.9 s @ 95.1 mph
1/4 mile12.8 s
Artega GT acceleration graph

General performance

Top speed273 kph (170 mph)
Est. 0 - 100 mph - 017.8 s @ 1562 ft
Est. max acceleration0.73 g (7 m/s²)
18m slalom71.6 kph (44.5 mph)
36m slalom136.0 kph (84.5 mph)
100 kph - 032 m (105 ft)
190 kph - 0126 m (413 ft)
200 kph - 0131 m (430 ft)

Powertrain specs

Engine type V6 24V n/a
Displacement 3.6 l (220 ci)
Power 299 ps (295 bhp / 220 kw) @ 6600 rpm
Torque 350 Nm (258 lb-ft) @ 2400 rpm
Power / liter 83 ps (82 hp)
Power / weight 235 ps (232 bhp) / t
Torque / weight 275 Nm (203 lb-ft) / t
Transmission 6 speed DSG
Layout middle engine, rear wheel drive

More 0-60 and 1/4 mile times

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benedekpuskas  2y ago

This reminds me of the 488 GTB


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Hoppelmoppel123  2y ago

SportAuto (2/2013):
200-0 kph: 131.0 m

Sport Auto (4/2011):
100-0 kph: 32.1 m
Slalom 18m: 71.6 kph
Slalom 36m: 136.0 kph

SportAuto (10/2009):
0-50 kph: 1.7 s
0-60 kph: 2.2 s
0-80 kph: 3.2 s
0-120 kph: 6.1 s
0-130 kph: 6.9 s
0-140 kph: 8.1 s
0-160 kph: 10.5 s
0-180 kph: 13.7 s
190-0 kph: 126.0 m

AutoBild Sportscars (12/2009):
60-100 kph: 2.3 s
80-120 kph: 2.9 s

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Fangio Man  10y ago

Artega does not exist anymore. :(

They went bankrupt in 2012...

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Fangio Man  10y ago

"this car is nice, but tooo expensive for only small power"

I agree with you.

I like the Artegas looking but it is too expensive.

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Shaggy  10y ago

Not bad, not bad at all.

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lauttehupe  12y ago

this car is nice, but tooo expensive for only small power

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the race  13y ago

it looks like the porsche new cayene but in a coupe style.

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Georg  13y ago

news from Artega... the company was sold to the mexican brewery Modelo known for their Corona beer...
New chief is Wolfgang Ziebart a well known car expert, he worked in BMW, Continental and Infinon managment... he signed the contract after a test drive with the Artega GT. The founder of Artega sold his stacks because now after Artega is running and his car is in production he want to concentrate on his main bussines his Paragon AG...

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Georg  14y ago

This car went on delivery a few days ago according to German news... they already have 5 Artega dealer in Germany and a high rate of orders and it looks like that this year production is already sold out...
Can´t wait to see first tests of it...

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Anonymous  14y ago

how much more?

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Wads  14y ago

Thats because the NSX-R (the latest version) has more power than the published figure.....

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Douglas6250  14y ago

This car should be quicker. The Honda NSX-R which is 180kg heavier and with 20ps less did the same acceleration time and is 10km/h faster for the top speed.

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Anonymous  14y ago

Those hp numbers are very plain although quick to some people just not quick enough for others. This car is just like the new 350Z NISSAN, looks good BUT...........

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GTRene  14y ago

Lovely car I saw it a month ago in their showroom, a white and a red model, I love the white with the anthracite/grey alloy wheels...and that lovely R36 with DSG a masterpiece.
Really nice also lovely interior better then on pictures, yes I really want such car any least within 2 years when they are a bit affordable for the Netherlands we have to pay 42% BPM tax...
René Stam

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Anonymous  15y ago

performance wise id say, 0-60 in 4.7 0-100 in 10.9 top speed 170 1/4 mile 13.0@109 and a nurburgring lapt in about 8:11, atleast thats my guess..

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Georg  15y ago

this is the first production car in the world with a carbon reinforced polyurethan chassie. 4 cars were crash tested (unusual for a small scale production car). I am realy curious about the perfromance, there are many highly skilled international working engineers behind the project coming from companys like BMW, Bugatti, RollsRoyce, Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Lamborghini Porsche and of international operating companys like Bosch(ABS ESP), Bilstein and Eibach (suspension), univercity of Stuttgart (aerodynamic)