Image of BMW 123d Coupe

BMW 123d Coupe specs

Car type Coupe
Curb weight 1420 kg (3131 lbs)
Introduced 2008
Origin country Germany
Views 35k


0 - 100 kph7.0 s
0 - 200 kph35.9 s
Est. 1000 m30.3 s @ 192.0 kph
Est. 100 - 200 kph28.9 s
Est. 0 - 60 mph6.4 s
0 - 100 mph18.0 s
Est. 1/8 mile10.6 s @ 79.5 mph
1/4 mile15.2 s
Est. 1/2 mile26.4 s @ 115.6 mph
Top speed238 kph (148 mph)
Est. max acceleration0.46 g (4 m/s²)
BMW 123d Coupe acceleration graph

Powertrain specs

Engine type 4,16
Displacement 2.0 l (122 ci)
Power 204 ps (201 bhp / 150 kw)
Torque 400 Nm (295 lb-ft)
Power / liter 102 ps (101 hp)
Power / weight 144 ps (142 bhp) / t
Torque / weight 282 Nm (208 lb-ft) / t
Transmission 6
Layout front engine, rear wheel drive

More 0-60 and 1/4 mile times

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Markus  8y ago

My M-Sport Series 123d Hatch does 0-200 in 30.5 sec. No chip.

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Sam mac  9y ago

I have a 123d and managed a 14.70 1/4 mile at 96mph on a slight incline its completely standard too

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slye82sport  10y ago

It's a 135i on the picture, not a 123d !

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G  10y ago

35.9s 0-200km/h is veeeeery slow for this power to weight ratio, more like 27-30sec 0-200.. it is also faster 0-160kph, should be under 16sec

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Georg  10y ago

as long as we have no better testnmbers we don´t change it

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Abzug86  10y ago

0 - 200 kph time should be deleted, would be even slower than 120d, while 0 - 100 mph is 2 sec faster....

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Abzug86  10y ago

@ Gaetano
And how you wanna prove the flatness of the road you were on?

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Gaetano  11y ago

small oversight:
0-200 km/h it's 29.62s(not 35.9s) with 1106.72 mt run data from PerformanceBox with my 123d coupé ;)

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Georg  12y ago

no it is not

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Anonymous  12y ago

wrong pic

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Heyhuub  14y ago

Don't we already have this car?


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