Image of BMW X6 xDrive 35d

BMW X6 xDrive 35d specs

Car type SUV/truck
Curb weight 2185 kg (4817 lbs)
Introduced 2008
Origin country Germany
Views 15.4k
Submitted by Wads

Lap times


0 - 100 kph6.9 s
Top speed237 kph (147 mph)

Powertrain specs

Engine type Inline 6
Displacement 3.0 l (183 ci / 2993 cc)
Power 286 ps (282 bhp / 210 kw)
Torque 580 Nm (428 lb-ft)
Power / liter 96 ps (94 hp)
Power / weight 131 ps (129 bhp) / t
Torque / weight 265 Nm (196 lb-ft) / t
Layout front engine, all wheel drive
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Shaggy  8y ago

@ Fangio Man: Yes, and sDrive BMWs are all rear wheel drive.

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Fangio Man  8y ago

What exactly is "xDrive"? The name of the AWD system?

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George Dorman  13y ago

There is no way that the X6 is faster than my ML420cdi, never in 100 laps!