Image of Bricklin SV-1

Bricklin SV-1 specs

Car type Coupe
Curb weight 1616 kg (3563 lbs)
Introduced 1975
Origin country Canada
Views 15.2k


0 - 100 kph9.9 s
1/4 mile17.8 s
Top speed179 kph (111 mph)


Engine type V8
Power 223 ps (220 bhp / 164 kw)
Torque 427 Nm (315 lb-ft)
Power / weight 138 ps (136 bhp) / t
Torque / weight 264 Nm (195 lb-ft) / t
Transmission 4-Speed Manual
Layout front engine, rear wheel drive
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Flyamerican  5y ago

The Bricklin used an AMC 360 for 1974, and changed to a Ford 351W for 1975 (less HP). It was produced about 8 years before the Delorean.

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Shaggy  5y ago

Looks like a cross between a DeLorean DMC 12, a Ferrari 308, and a Datsun 240 Z.

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Deeznuts  5y ago

Looks like deez nuts built with shit canadian shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit IF you haven't noticed. Not a single **** was given ;]

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Bijan  7y ago

@ Fangio Man : Agree with you about DeLorean and earn some money , nice .

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Fangio Man  7y ago

Looks like DeLorean tried to copy a Ferrari to earn some money!

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FAT ANGEL  8y ago

How many house bricks did they use, too build each BRICKlin , anybody know ?

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Mental  8y ago

The same story as with the DeLorean.

I love the way how this thing looks. Kinda a mixture of the classic Ferrari 328 and Vette C4. Very nice! But damn.. again.. technically - the same fail. Crap! It uses a Camaro engine, so what's a problem? 220 hp for 1975 - very good, 427 Nm - just perfect! 1616 kg was a moderate amount, so what the hell with this car? Oh, that's a shame... but could a legendary North American sportscar, in the same league as the Vette was...

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Shaggy  8y ago

The displacement is 5.7 liters, 350 cubic inches. I don't like it either.

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Mach-1  9y ago

LOL, this thing gets owned by a mid-80's IROC 5.7 which has identical power and pretty close in weight.

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Anonymous  12y ago

Wow did they ever try to copy a ferrari!