Image of Bugatti Divo

Bugatti Divo specs

Price in Europe €5,000,000
Car type Coupe
Curb weight 1960 kg (4321 lbs)
Introduced 2018
Origin country France
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Submitted by hostboy


0 - 100 kph2.4 s
Top speed380 kph (236 mph)

Powertrain specs

Engine type W16 Quad Turbo
Displacement 8.0 l (488 ci)
Power 1500 ps (1479 bhp / 1103 kw) @ 6700 rpm
Torque 1600 Nm (1180 lb-ft) @ 2000 rpm
Power / liter 187 ps (185 hp)
Power / weight 765 ps (755 bhp) / t
Torque / weight 816 Nm (602 lb-ft) / t
Power / €5000 1 ps
Transmission 7 speed direct drive dual clutch
Layout middle engine, all wheel drive
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ChironSS  2m ago

Quote>"Seventh gear boasts 3.6 percent longer transmission."

Quote>"Even above 6,000 rpm, acceleration doesn’t diminish, giving the Chiron Super Sport a mighty thrust up to 7,100 rpm."

So now we two mathematical confirmations. First in the calculator increase the rpm by 100rpm>

7th Gear = 475.23 km/h - 294.64 mph

Just a stupidly small change and look what happens? Plus 4MPH!

Then finally 294.64 mph X 3.6% as per BUGATTI'S claim= 305.247MPH

Now this is obviously a calculation. But I wanted to set the scene on the levels of research I do. The figures are out there. But it takes alot of digging. We end with a number for the Bugatti Chiron Supersport 300+.

So what does this tell us?

The standard production Bugatti Chiron had the power and gearing for deep into the 280's MPH region. I believe in a good day at Ehra-Lessien it'd achieve just over a 285MPH TWO WAY average. This is based on Bugatti Veyron Supersport's results and verifications both ways that are verified and based on Bugatti's own internal simulations and calculations. It went HIGHER than they were expecting.

And this is ABSOLUTELY inline with gearing, engine power, calculations plus the ex R+D boss of Bugatti's number when asked the too speed of the Chiron, 285MPH!

That's mean they have the opportunity and potentiality and production cars to possibly beat the current productions record. Albeit not in the same distance. But so what?


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ChironSS  2m ago

Number of Gears 7
Gear Ratio
1st Gear 3.18 :1
2nd Gear 2.24 – 2.26 :1
3rd Gear 1.19 – 1.67 :1
4th Gear 0.92 – 1.29 :1
5th Gear 0.75 – 1.06 :1
6th Gear 0.62 – 0.88 :1
7th Gear 0.55 – 0.8 :1
Final Drive 3.64 :1
Reverse 3.58 :1

Two sets of ratios it's the ones on the LEFT we are interested in. These are apparently the Bugatti Veyron Supersport's and the ones on the right the standard production Bugatti Veyron. These are what I used below.

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ChironSS  2m ago

Tyre Circumference = 2233.36 mm
1st Gear = 81.04 km/h - 50.24 mph
2nd Gear = 115.04 km/h - 71.33 mph
3rd Gear = 216.55 km/h - 134.26 mph
4th Gear = 280.1 km/h - 173.66 mph
5th Gear = 343.59 km/h - 213.03 mph
6th Gear = 415.64 km/h - 257.69 mph
7th Gear = 468.54 km/h - 290.49 mph

7000rpm max rev limit plus standard rear Bugatti Chiron tyre size.

I'll post the ratios plus final drives above.

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ChironSS  2m ago

Quote>"For every action, a consequence. Chiron’s transmission is FUNDAMENTALLY the SAME seven-speed Ricardo DCT, necessarily uprated (new selector forks, new hubs, a revised lubrication system and new oil, given a fighting chance of staying somewhere useful under duress by carbonfibre anti-surge baffling), while the transmission uses a bigger crownwheel, stronger universal joints and stouter driveshafts.

A reinforced six-plate clutch has, after some 300,000 miles of testing and sufficient launch-control starts to savage 200 sets of bespoke Michelins, proven itself up to the job."

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ChironSS  2m ago

First Bugatti Divo on market as a sale item as opposed to an item on sale.

Originally €5 million circa now the owner is asking €7.5!


Oh and PLUS taxes.

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ChironSS  3m ago

Bugatti Divo section a bit bare? Anyway ALL have been manufactured and delivered. Production has ceased. 2022 it's Bugatti Chiron Supersport's.

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CarCritic  8m ago

As with most Bugattis, it looks good, and will no doubt have great speed, but will behave appallingly on the track.
Oh, and the price is off the scale, I've seen entire countries selling for less!

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cooper  8m ago


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ralny  8m ago

i make the car

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Cody Borie  11m ago

Divo looks sick

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CarAddict  3y ago

I think I will get destroyed on a track by something like a 720s or huracan performante

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Shiftspet  3y ago

The divo

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Kingston   3y ago

Divo vs regera.

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Shiftspert  3y ago

Hey Kingston

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BR2+  3y ago

You pay 2million more over the already overpriced Chiron...And you dont even get a power increase...

It looks fantastic, With exception to that huge french flag on the sides, zand whoever designed those headlight should be castrated........In the arse..

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fakekillerfour  3y ago

Displacement: 8.0 liters
Power: 1500 PS @ 6700 rpm
Torque: 1600 Nm @ 2000-6000 rpm

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hostboy  3y ago

It reminds me of the old Bugatti EB110 Supersport