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Bugatti Type 35 specs

Car type Convertible
Curb weight 748 kg (1649 lbs)
Dimensions 3.68 m (145 in) long, 1.32 m (52 in) wide
Wheelbase 2.40 m (94 in)
Introduced 1924
Origin country France
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General performance

Top speed190 kph (118 mph)

Powertrain specs

Engine type Inline-8 3 valves per cylinder
Displacement 2.0 l (121 ci / 1991 cc)
Power 96 ps (95 bhp / 71 kw) @ 5000 rpm
Power / liter 48 ps (48 hp)
Power / weight 129 ps (127 bhp) / t
Transmission 4-speed manual
Layout front engine, rear wheel drive
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HighGear  1y ago

I'm guessing around 0-60mph in 9s.

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Fastedee  3y ago


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Shaggy  8y ago

@ Super8: You learn something new everyday. I imagine back in the 1920s a 4 speed transmission was considered cutting edge technology. I just noticed, this car has a 4 speed manual transmission, but the ignition still has to be hand cranked. LOL :D

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Super8  8y ago

@ Shaggy: There are several 4 speed transmission in 1920's but mostly for grand prix purpose. Studebaker Dictator also had 4 speed transmission.

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Shaggy  8y ago

95 horsepower was pretty good in 1924, but a 4 speed transmission in 1924?, I doubt it.

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Z  8y ago

All race cars were street legal in 1924.

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