Image of Buick Lacrosse 3.6

Buick Lacrosse 3.6 specs

Car type 4-door saloon
Curb weight 1917 kg (4226 lbs)
Introduced 2011
Origin country United States
Views 3.2k
Submitted by aaaa

Powertrain specs

Engine type V6
Displacement 3.6 l (220 ci)
Power 307 ps (303 bhp / 226 kw)
Torque 358 Nm (264 lb-ft)
Power / liter 85 ps (84 hp)
Power / weight 160 ps (158 bhp) / t
Torque / weight 187 Nm (138 lb-ft) / t
Layout front engine, all wheel drive
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Shaggy  9y ago

Dudes, remember, it's a modern Buick, It isn't aimed at real car guys, it's for our grandparents. It's a grannymobile, or grandpa's last car.

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yesiam  9y ago

Buick missed it on this one! They need to stop d****** around.

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yesIrock  9y ago

Skip the supercharger and put a freakin' TURBO on it! Better fuel mileage and all the power. Easy +400 BHP car with the turbo!

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Megan  10y ago

I thought it was a supercharged V6