Image of Caresto V8 Speedster

Caresto V8 Speedster specs

Car type Open-wheeler
Curb weight 1200 kg (2646 lbs)
Introduced 2006
Origin country Sweden
Views 4.3k
Submitted by Georg

Powertrain specs

Engine type V8 Volvo B8444S. Ehtanol converted by BSR, Sweden Power output: gasoli
Displacement 4.4 l (269 ci)
Power 345 ps (340 bhp / 254 kw)
Power / liter 78 ps (77 hp)
Power / weight 287 ps (283 bhp) / t
Transmission 6-speed Geartronic automatic transaxle with sequential manual shifting
Layout rear engine, rear wheel drive
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Fangio Man  8y ago

A swedish Hot Rod! 8D

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Shaggy  8y ago

It looks like a Deuce Roadster, cool.

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Davy13682  10y ago

No thank you, I wouldn't get one in a million years...

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Anonymous  13y ago

yeah and this thin aslso has an estimated base price of $340,000!!!

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Georg  13y ago

planed to produce at least six of them...

Photo of Caresto V8 Speedster

Photo of Caresto V8 Speedster