Image of Caresto V8 Speedster

Caresto V8 Speedster specs

Car type Open-wheeler
Curb weight 1200 kg (2646 lbs)
Power / weight 287 ps (283 bhp) / t
Introduced 2006
Origin country Sweden
Views 4.1k
Submitted by Georg


Engine type V8 Volvo B8444S. Ehtanol converted by BSR, Sweden Power output: gasoli
Displacement 4.4 l (269 ci)
Power 345 ps (340 bhp / 254 kw)
Power / liter 78 ps (77 hp)
Transmission 6-speed Geartronic automatic transaxle with sequential manual shifting
Layout rear engine, rear wheel drive
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Fangio Man  7y ago

A swedish Hot Rod! 8D

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Shaggy  7y ago

It looks like a Deuce Roadster, cool.

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Davy13682  9y ago

No thank you, I wouldn't get one in a million years...

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Anonymous  12y ago

yeah and this thin aslso has an estimated base price of $340,000!!!

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Georg  12y ago

planed to produce at least six of them...