Image of Chevrolet Corvette C8 Z06 (Z07 pkg)

Chevrolet Corvette C8 Z06 (Z07 pkg) specs

Car type Coupe
Curb weight 1669 kg (3680 lbs)
Introduced 2022
Origin country United States
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Submitted by AaronVector

Powertrain specs

Engine type Flat plane crank DOHC V8
Displacement 5.5 l (336 ci)
Power 679 ps (670 bhp / 500 kw) @ 8400 rpm
Torque 460 Nm (339 lb-ft) @ 6300 rpm
Power / liter 124 ps (122 hp)
Power / weight 407 ps (401 bhp) / t
Torque / weight 276 Nm (203 lb-ft) / t
Transmission 8 speed DCT
Layout middle engine, rear wheel drive
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Robbieuttigieg  11h ago

That rear spoiler is just a big NO NO.

Interior needs to be redone and they should offer a manual too.

Maybe bring back the old school taillights ?

C8 IMHO is a total mess.


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FastestLaps  10h ago

The rear wing on a car like this is all about function, not form. It is highly beneficial and on a mid engine very high performance sports car doesn't look out of place at all.

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IvanETC  10h ago @FastestLaps

There are better looking wings than this one such as Porsche 911 GT, the corvette wing looks like it came off some aftermarket kit.


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FastestLaps  10h ago @IvanETC

Different type of wings fit different style of cars. The Corvette wing does match the carbon fiber canards / fins / splitter and carbon parts around cooling intakes. Its not like it looks out of place. Sure - maybe there is a design that would look better. Who knows.

The 911 "beetle" shape really fits great with rear wings in general. No size is too big for a 911. Espeically for modern 911 race cars and track-oriented GT3/GT2 models. We know subconsciously what high performance 911 should look like and unapologetic rear wing is part of that visual signature.

That's why I was confused by the de-winged GT3 "touring" model. Although it does make a lot of sense if you want to do lots of miles and especially on boring high speed motorways where wing is nothing but waste of fuel.

Unless the car is aerodynamically unstable and can be dangerous at high speed without the wing.

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ChironSS  10h ago @IvanETC

You can't quantify subjectivity. It has no numerical value. The Porsche wing does NOT "look" "better" in anyway?

That's why he specifically stated FUNCTION, which can, not FORM which is asthetics, which can't.

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FastestLaps  9h ago @ChironSS

That's why its good to have performance NUMBERS. Because numbers and simple facts are only thing that can truly be objective.

And if you take all those objective performance numbers, you can even roll them into one single number - something called "lap time" :)

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ChironSS  9h ago @FastestLaps

Oh YES, I'm ALL about the NUMBERS. From day one here. And when one is quicker than another we have the FASTEST-laps. LOL! Revolutionary idea!

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dr. cosimo  7h ago @FastestLaps

you can’t force people to like what they dislike, is this an early stage of new world order?

the spoiler looks like a whack job design, chevy wants to give you a ferrari exterior for half the price and vw-911 downforce by installing an wing that’s best suited on a jdm car.

design outcome is a total mess, many of the clueless fu-ck boys here have no idea that it will all come down to the rubber.

chevy and wings don’t go well and they never did. that’s why it will always be a half-assed sports car with a half-assed job.

even dodge which ended production of the viper did a better job on their acr edition.

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Fūma Kotarō  12h ago

So this is the riced up version of the C8 Stingray for an extra $30,000 ?

No Thank you.


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ChironSS  11h ago

Yes what you've expressed is a clueless opinion. And what you think is irrelevant, they are sold out, you're not on the list and the forthcoming owners don't care.

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Halvordt  11h ago @ChironSS

What are you ? Some dumb little daddys girl that can't accept anyone else's opinion ?

But knowing you and your dirty little business, you can pull it off for him and get him on the list with your sleazy eye-contact and that little tongue act that performans a happy ending.

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ChironSS  11h ago @Halvordt

Work on your English? It's WHO are you? Because if your asking someone WHAT are you, your a special kind of dense? LOL!

And take your own advice? Or are you a hypocrite too? A giver not a taker? Dumbass.

And you're a nobody with a throwaway account. Probably the same idiot as above.

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BugattiPissPiss  11h ago @ChironSS

Maybe he thinks of you as some wh0re with a thumb sized hotdog between the crotch ? That is why he was puzzled and wasn't sure what kind of a creepy unknown creature you were.

If I had clicked your Tik-Tok page, I wouldn't be able to tell whether you were a boy or a girl ?

SO which one are you ?

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ChironSS  11h ago @BugattiPissPiss

Hahahahahahahaha! Tick Tock B1TCH I knew it! I bet Oliver is ALL over you!

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ChironSS  11h ago @BugattiPissPiss

The last time you were warned and banned was like a sweet Somerset strawberry! So JUICY! Hahaha!

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ChironSS  11h ago @BugattiPissPiss

Log in with a new name. Somerset Strawberry! LOL!

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ChironSS  11h ago @BugattiPissPiss

Come on Piss Piss I'm waiting. It doesn't take that long? Or are you changing your VPN again?


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Billie Eilish  10h ago @ChironSS

Stop spamming the entire site, if you have issues then go take out on your parents, LOSER!

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ChironSS  10h ago @Billie Eilish

I SAID Somerset Strawberries.

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dr. cosimo  14h ago

the center console buttons reminds you of the nakatomi towers elevator buttons :)


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hostboy  18h ago

The reason why the C8 Z06 gets all the hype is because it's a mid-engine flat-plane-crank sports car that, let me be blunt and honest here, looks and performs like a supercar.

The C8 edition of the Z06 marks the return to straight-line performance when the C7 struggled even when compared to C6 in acceleration. In reality (read: on the track), the C8Z will only barely beat the C7Z assuming the equipment levels are equal.

The C7Z was absolutely a track car for its time being, and it was a ZR1-lite. It could beat supercars of its time that were 1-2 seconds quicker to 200kph (125mph). Not the case with the C8Z.


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ChironSS  18h ago

Z06 will be a killer! ;)

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ChironSS  17h ago

And when you guys start talking about Z06, ZR1, C8, C7, C7Z etc. I get completely lost! LOL!

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sans  2m ago

Much better.

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AaronVector  2m ago

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