Image of Chrysler Conquest Tsi

Chrysler Conquest Tsi specs

Car type Coupe
Curb weight 1378 kg (3038 lbs)
Dimensions 4.24 m (167 in) long, 1.62 m (64 in) wide, 1.23 m (48 in) high
Wheelbase 2.35 m (93 in)
Introduced 1988
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Submitted by monkeypop

Powertrain specs

Engine type Straight 4
Displacement 2.6 l (159 ci)
Power 191 ps (188 bhp / 140 kw) @ 5000 rpm
Torque 317 Nm (234 lb-ft) @ 2500 rpm
Power / liter 73 ps (72 hp)
Power / weight 138 ps (136 bhp) / t
Torque / weight 230 Nm (170 lb-ft) / t
Transmission 5 speed Manual
Layout front engine, rear wheel drive
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Matdakis   2m ago

I had a black 86 tsi fatty back in the mid 90s. It wouldn't beat a mustang gt in a straight up drag race, but, from a roll up 30mph at 5k on the tac, I could hang with the best of them, the car had amazing grip in corners and 120 comes up quick. If you can hit a cool patch of air on a cold nite, man that thing would fly.

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Shotgun Shine  2m ago

I had one of these cars, very fast. It will go sideways down the street. Super cool for a high school car.

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Spi  9m ago

Love this car! Hope to get one some day just for fun.

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Richard Disbrow  9m ago

These were introduced in 1986 as shown as the widebody. The non flared "flatty" version came out in 83. 86 was the first year of the widebody version. They sold both until 87 when the flatty was discontinued. I have an 86 widebody like the car shown. The "introduced in 1988" information is not correct. The TSi models were sold from 1986 thru 1989.

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monkeypop  9y ago

The top speed is incorrect as is the 0-60. That is the best documented time/speed I could find a source for. My Conquest topped over 140mph and 0-60 should be in the low 7's. These were somewhat rare so I could only find one test.

This is a decked out mitsubishi starion sold under the chrysler name. It had a intercooled turbo and the interior was plush leather with many steering wheel mounted controls which was a big deal back then.