Image of Citroen C4 Coupe 2.0 16V VTS

Citroen C4 Coupe 2.0 16V VTS specs

Car type Compact
Curb weight 1412 kg (3113 lbs)
Introduced 2004
Origin country France
Views 37.6k
Submitted by Georg


0 - 100 kph8.3 s
Top speed227 kph (141 mph)

Powertrain specs

Engine type inline 4 16V DOHC n/a
Displacement 2.0 l (122 ci)
Power 177 ps (174 bhp / 130 kw)
Torque 202 Nm (149 lb-ft)
Power / liter 88 ps (87 hp)
Power / weight 125 ps (123 bhp) / t
Torque / weight 143 Nm (106 lb-ft) / t
Transmission 5 speed stick
Layout front engine, front wheel drive
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voiceofreasonpossibly  8y ago

I looked at buying this car recently, but like the 207 Gti it's a bit too heavy for the power and tyres.
I wish it was the same weight as the Civic Type R EP3, about 1200kg. Citroen really stopped producing drivers cars with the C2-C6 VTS.

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Shaggy  10y ago

@ Stu: With only 174 horsepower?

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Mental  10y ago

254 kph? This??? LOL! Don't get my snickers laugh!

Or prove it.

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Stu  10y ago

Top speed = 254km/h

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Anonymous  13y ago

I think your car is broken then rs73only. The C4 VTS 180 should do just under 140kmh in 2nd gear and gets there quite quickly.

The specifications on here need changing the C4 VTS180 petrol engine has a mass of 1337kg not 1412kg.

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rs73only  13y ago

Maybe the 227 is the official top speed, but after 140km/h it takes ages to reach 200km/h :-( in more than 5 years of ownership i could reach 200km/h only once or twice!!!!!) on the other hand i had a saxo VTS 97' or 98' and it would take barely 30 seconds to reach 210 km/h counter reading


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Stive  1y ago

:-)) nope. I have these car and i go qite quickly to 230 km /h

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Anonymous  14y ago

Yes that is the top speed.
The car is very fast for it's only 177HP

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anonymous  14y ago



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Chris 26  4y ago

I own a c4 vts and I have hit 145mph probs could've got a little more very gd car not best in class power wise but still very gd

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anonymous  14y ago

is that top speed correct, i thought it was 10mph slower????:S