Image of Cord 812 Supercharged

Cord 812 Supercharged specs

Car type Coupe
Curb weight 1814 kg (3999 lbs)
Wheelbase 3.18 m (125 in)
Introduced 1937
Origin country United States
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0 - 60 mph13.5 s
Top speed181 kph (112 mph)

Powertrain specs

Engine type Lycoming 80º V8
Displacement 4.7 l (289 ci / 4736 cc)
Power 195 ps (192 bhp / 143 kw) @ 4200 rpm
Torque 353 Nm (260 lb-ft) @ 2200 rpm
Power / liter 41 ps (41 hp)
Power / weight 107 ps (106 bhp) / t
Torque / weight 195 Nm (144 lb-ft) / t
Transmission 4 Speed Preselector
Layout front engine, front wheel drive
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Corvolet3  2m ago

When he says he owns an 812..


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ChironSS  2m ago


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Stiffy  11y ago

I love the Cord, I think it's beautiful. There was a place in California that was making Cord and Auburn replicas for many years, but they closed. It was called "The Classic Factory", built on full size Ford chassis. anyway, i think the convertible has the best lines.

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Super8  11y ago

This car maybe the very first American Muscle. It featured Schweitzer Cummins supercharger and reach 18.2 sec for 1/4 mile