Powertrain specs

Engine type V4 16 valve DOHC
Displacement 1000 cc
Transmission 6 speed sequential manual

GP19 competition

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SpeedKing  3y ago

Dovizioso clocked the fastest time in Motogp history reaching 356.7 km/h at Mugello which is a fraction quicker than his record at the same track in 2018.



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FastestLaps  3y ago

Yes, but, apparently just 347 in quali. He probably run wide at braking when he did 356.7. Maybe Ducati even did this deliberately - had a little side mission to generate headlines with fastest ever speed in MotoGP :D

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SpeedKing  3y ago @FastestLaps

Up until recently Ducati has had more hp than any other team, apparently around 280hp which is huge. Repsol Honda now have much the same power as Ducati which was evident at the Austrian GP where Dovi just beat Marquez in a thriller. They don't need to generate headlines re highest speed because they've had the most powerful bikes for a while.