Image of Ducati GP21

Ducati GP21 specs

Motorcycle type Sport
Years built 2021 - 2021
Origin country Italy
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SpeedKing  7m ago

The Ducati GP21 bike weighs 157kg(dry weight) and has over 250hp(according to Ducati). Zarco recently said that his bike has 300bhp which would explain why he got the top speed record of 362km/h(225mph) at Qatar this year...


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FastestLaps  7m ago

Yeah... good luck matching that kind of performance with electric bikes.... There would have to be some real battery tech breakthrough.

As it stands now, fuel burner engines are still best where power/weight matters most.

Unless you dont care about range at all.

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196ss  7m ago @FastestLaps

Your post made me interested in the topic of electric motorcycles (to be honest, I didn't even think about it before).
And I was kinda surprised that Harley Davidson makes EV bikes, and they are quite decent, judging by the appearance and characteristics:

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FastestLaps  7m ago @196ss

I wouldn't mind owning electric motorcycle and I am sure it would be lots of fun, but I looove engines. To me a motorcycle is an engine with some auxiliary attachments (front wheel and fork, back wheel and swingarm, seat, steering bar etc).

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SpeedKing  7m ago @FastestLaps

Yep by far the biggest problem with EV's regardless of type is longevity eg Formula E cars last 45 min and travel 80-90km before they run out of charge. The acceleration is 0-100km/h in 2.8, 0-150km/h in approx 4.7 sec so 765LT territory and top speed is 280km/h but because they race around short circuits they rarely get above 220 km/h. There would need to be a huge step forward in battery technology to catch up to F1 for example.

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dr. cosimo  7m ago @FastestLaps

'and I am sure it would be lots of fun'



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ChironSS  2m ago

Talk about returning to roots. Obviously you'll know Micheal Doohan ex 500cc World Champion. He had it all, stunningly beautiful Wife aforementioned titles and residential status in Monaco if I recall correctly. He was and still IS a hero particularly after what occurred.

Those motorcyles must have been close to 200hp? Repsol Honda's the absolutely halcyon years!

But the Ducati above and absolutely it's definitely form over function and downforce/aerodynamics styling related has lost some of the elegance of it's forebears.

What a reintroduction though! The 916 was God Teir.

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ChironSS  2m ago @dr. cosimo

Have you ever actually tried one? Yes they are fun!