Image of Fiat Punto GT

Fiat Punto GT (Mk I) specs

Car type Compact
Curb weight 1080 kg (2381 lbs)
Years built 1994 - 1999
Origin country Italy
Views 18.3k


0 - 100 kph7.9 s
0 - 180 kph30.5 s
Est. 0 - 60 mph7.4 s
0 - 100 mph21.1 s
Est. 1/8 mile11.0 s @ 76.4 mph
1/4 mile15.9 s
Top speed205 kph (127 mph)
Fiat Punto GT acceleration graph

Powertrain specs

Engine type Inline 4, Turbocharged
Displacement 1.4 l (85 ci)
Power 136 ps (134 bhp / 100 kw)
Torque 200 Nm (148 lb-ft)
Power / liter 97 ps (96 hp)
Power / weight 126 ps (124 bhp) / t
Torque / weight 185 Nm (137 lb-ft) / t
Transmission 5
Layout front engine, front wheel drive

More 0-60 and 1/4 mile times

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Georg  11y ago

this is a excellent example to show all the 60mph = 100km/h thinker and it makes no different at all

look at this test numbers
15.3s 0-140km/h(86.99mph)
15.8s 0-142.2km/h (88.3mph)

a different of only 1.31mph gets you a time gap of 0.5s

and the different between 60mph and 100km/h is 2.13mph!!!!!!!!!

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rxbkrs  11y ago

Oh, and power is 136 PS...

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rxbkrs  11y ago

I have found better times. 0-160 is done in 21.1 seconds, Quarter mile in 15,8 seconds. Weight of 1060 KG.

P.S. The results are circled in blue. ;-)

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vagelis  12y ago

it's the beautiful punto i know
respect to italian force

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rxbkrs  13y ago

The Quarter mile for this car is 15.77 seconds. Official specs.