Image of Genesis G80 2.5 T

Genesis G80 2.5 T specs

Price in Europe €51,700 - €60,150
Price in US $48,725 - $60,575
Car type 4-door saloon
Curb weight 1879-1930 kg (4142-4255 lbs)
Introduced 2021
Origin country South Korea
Gas mileage 12.4-8.1 l/100 km (19-29 mpg US / 23-35 mpg UK)
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Lap times


0 - 50 kph2.4 s
0 - 100 kph6.2 s
0 - 150 kph12.5 s
0 - 200 kph23.1 s
Est. 100 - 200 kph16.9 s
0 - 60 mph5.5 s
0 - 100 mph14.0 s
0 - 130 mph26.0 s
Est. 1/8 mile10.1 s @ 85.1 mph
1/4 mile14.0 s @ 100.0 mph
Genesis G80 2.5 T acceleration graph

General performance

Top speed250 kph (155 mph)
Est. max acceleration0.50 g (5 m/s²)
18m slalom66.5 kph (41.3 mph)
Emissions221 g/km
Lateral acceleration0.91 g (9 m/s²)
Noise @ idle39 dB
Noise @ 50 kph56 dB
Noise @ 100 kph64 dB
Noise @ 130 kph67 dB

Powertrain specs

Engine type Inline 4 turbo
Displacement 2.5 l (152 ci / 2497 cc)
Power 304 ps (300 bhp / 224 kw)
Torque 422 Nm (311 lb-ft)
Power / liter 122 ps (120 hp)
Power / weight 159 ps (157 bhp) / t
Torque / weight 221 Nm (163 lb-ft) / t
Efficiency 31 PS per l/100 km
Power / €5000 27 ps
Transmission 8 speed automatic
Layout front engine, rear wheel drive

Braking distance

50 kph - 09 m (30 ft)
100 kph - 035 m (114 ft)
150 kph - 076 m (251 ft)
60 mph - 035 m (116 ft)
70 mph - 048 m (156 ft)
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hostboy  8m ago

Wheelbase comparisons:
E-segment and SWB F-segment cars
118.5" (Genesis G80)
vs. 115.1-117.1" for German Big 3 (E-segment), 118.0-122.3" for German Big 3 (F-segment)
and 113.0" for TLX and ES, 115.8" for S90 (Euro), 116.0" for CT5, 116.5" for XF, 118.0" for Ghibli, 120.2" for 300, and 120.5" for S90 (US)

Mentioning TLX and ES in the same sentence as G80 is, admittedly, a joke. It shouldn't even be compared to 5 Series.

Considering that the Ghibli, 300, and S90 US-Version are full-size cars, the G80 should also compete in this segment.

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hostboy  8m ago

I am guilty of using "midsize" and "full-size" interchangeably with modern sedans, but if we all faced facts and ignored emotions, the North American full-size segment from the 1950s to the '70s (and a select few body-on-frames and granny cars after that era) were the TRUE full-size segment, and the only real full-size sedans made today are the long-wheelbase versions of the luxury flagship sedans.

The G80, however, is different from its supposed "competitors" in the so-called E-segment. It's essentially a "short" (at 118.5 inches of)-wheelbase G90 with a notchback design. It rivals a standard-wheelbase A8, 7 Series or S-Class; it's not a competitor for the A6, 5 Series and E-Class as Genesis fans convince you to think.

These days, even F-segment is filled mostly with 'BIG' midsize cars (but barely any true full-size cars). The Cadillac XTS and Lincoln Continental were just that, however the CT6 and MKS (as well as their DTS, DeVille, Fleetwood, and Town Car precursors) were for sure full-size cars.

(57.7x75.0x196.7)÷100 = 8512 (Genesis G80)

How does that compare to an A6, 5er, E-Class, ES, or Ghibli? (I know about TLX and CT5, but those technically compete in D-segment, and I'm bringing up only the more popular cars on here.) I'll add the XF as well.

(57.4x74.3x194.4)÷100 = 8291 (Audi A6)
(58.2x73.5x195.8)÷100 = 8376 (BMW 5 Series)
(57.8x73.7x194.3)÷100 = 8277 (Mercedes-Benz E-Class)
(56.9x73.4x195.9)÷100 = 8182 (Lexus ES)
(57.5x76.6x195.6)÷100 = 8615 (Maserati Ghibli)
(57.3x74.4x195.4)÷100 = 8330 (Jaguar XF) - NOTE: width excludes outer edges which combine figure to 78.0"
(56.9x74.6x195.6)÷100 = 8303 (Volvo S90 EUDM)

As we can we above, inside the supposed E-segment it most ideally competes with Maserati Ghibli (which actually is an F-segment car as well). Also, Chrysler's labeling of the 300 and its Dodge Charger sibling as "E-segment" is incorrect and false advertising, they're actually F-segment twins (but like the G80 and Ghibli, on the shorter-wheelbase side of A8/7er/S-Class).

Now, on to the F-segment market sedans (bar LWB versions):
(58.5x76.6x203.6)÷100 = 9124 (Audi A8)
(57.8x74.9x200.7)÷100 = 8689 (BMW 7 Series)
(59.2x76.9x203.9)÷100 = 9283 (Mercedes-Benz S-Class)
(57.9x74.8x206.1)÷100 = 8926 (Lexus LS)
(58.3x76.7x207.2)÷100 = 9265 (Maserati Quattroporte)
(58.5x75.0x198.6)÷100 = 8714 (Chrysler 300)
(57.1x74.6x200.4)÷100 = 8536 (Volvo S90 USDM)

We can rest assure that the G80 is an F-segment car. However, there is no true E-segment offering in Genesis' lineup, so it technically does fill that void too. It's only barely smaller than the current generation 7 Series, which is smaller than the 300.

The Maserati Ghibli is definitely more of a 7 Series rival than a 5 Series rival.

OUTSIDE of the LWB section of F-segment, we can assure that the Audi A8, Mercedes-Benz S-Class, and and Maserati Quattroporte are the only ones close to being full-size. The current-gen 7 Series and 300 both are upper-midsize cars, but let's hope that the next-gen models are true full-size beings.

Interestingly, the "full-size" S90 USDM model is smaller than the "midsize" Ghibli.