Image of Honda Civic 1.6 VTEC

Honda Civic 1.6 VTEC specs

Car type Compact
Curb weight 1055 kg (2326 lbs)
Introduced 1991
Origin country Japan
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0 - 100 kph8.4 s
Top speed218 kph (135 mph)

Powertrain specs

Engine type 4cyl n/a
Displacement 1.6 l (98 ci)
Power 155 ps (153 bhp / 114 kw)
Torque 150 Nm (111 lb-ft)
Power / liter 97 ps (96 hp)
Power / weight 147 ps (145 bhp) / t
Torque / weight 142 Nm (105 lb-ft) / t
Transmission 5
Layout front engine, front wheel drive
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macka  8y ago

The mirage cyborg would absolutely smash this piece of trash. They have got the times completely mixed up.

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Jeffrey  10y ago

135mph optimistic? Drive one...I had an EG5 with D16z6 (the 125bhp engine) with cold air intake, decat and s/s exhaust, did 132,5mph.

And I still don't understand why acceleration is still at 8.4s. I know now the data on here is not reliable...

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powza  10y ago

I've engine swapped it and put a 2.0 integra engine in it and got 143mph out of it and now has 214hp

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lex-p  12y ago

i got a d16y7 engined civic, n the speedo has read 135 goin down a hill, sat nav clock the same speed as 127, the error gets greater as the speed gets higher, its only accurate at about 30mph, under read before that and severely over reads above it, like 75mph on speedo is only just 70 realistically

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Bobby  12y ago

Almost all cars have "optimistic" speedometers (for safety purposes i guess...). Reading 140 mph on a dial means that the car is doing 135 if not less.

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FastestLaps  12y ago

I highly doubt that. 135 mph for this car is already optimistic.

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harvey  12y ago

135 mph top speed wrong! mines a stanard auto and does 140

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Jeffrey  12y ago

Power for the DOHC VTEC is 160hp with a 0-100 speed of 7,2 or 7,3. But no way 8,4, thats for the 125hp SOHC VTEC engine.

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Q  13y ago

Sexy car

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methaniel  13y ago

Ohw yeah! i like the license plate! its DUTCH! :D

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Methaniël  13y ago

The civic is in two 1.6 variations.
the 1.6 SOHC VTEC (also known as SI or ESI)
and the 1.6 DOHC VTEC (also known as VT or VTI

The DOHC VTEC euro spec 2 variations:
the B16A1 110kw/150hp@7600! and 144nm@7100RPM
(the B16A1 is only used in civic/CRX 4th gen)
the B16A2 114kw/160hp@7600RPM! and 150nm@5700RPM

the SOHC VTEC has also 2 engine types:
the D16Z6 92kw/125hp@ 6500RPM and 142nm@5200RPM
the D16Y7 92kw/125hp@ 6500RPM and 142NM@5300RPM
this last engine is used a lot in the Del Sol, and the civic coupé's

the ESI 3dr 0-100 in 8.4 sec top speed 195 km/h
the VTI 3dr 0-100 in 7.2 sec top speed 215 km/h

(this information is from Honda Motor Co., Ltd.)

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nikacrx  14y ago

8.4 seconds . wrong wrong wrong!

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Faburisu  14y ago

The power are 170ps for japan modèle (sir II) and 160hp for all rest off world , not 150.