Image of Hyundai Genesis 5.0 R-Spec

Hyundai Genesis 5.0 R-Spec specs

Car type 4-door saloon
Curb weight 1910 kg (4211 lbs)
Introduced 2011
Origin country South Korea
Views 12.9k
Submitted by phavyarden

Lap times


0 - 60 mph4.8 s
1/4 mile13.3 s @ 107.5 mph

Powertrain specs

Engine type Naturally aspirated, direct-injected, V8, gasoline
Displacement 5.0 l (305 ci)
Power 435 ps (429 bhp / 320 kw) @ 6400 rpm
Torque 376 Nm (277 lb-ft) @ 5000 rpm
Power / liter 87 ps (86 hp)
Power / weight 228 ps (225 bhp) / t
Torque / weight 197 Nm (145 lb-ft) / t
Transmission Eight-speed automatic with console shifter
Layout front engine, rear wheel drive
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Jel  3y ago

13.50s is the best I've ever ran in my 2012 5.0 R-Spec and I'm at the track all the time my best is 103 mph but most times its 101 102 so factory #s are not accurate.

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hostboy  5y ago

The torque number doesn't sound right. It is 376 lb-ft maybe.

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BR2'  11y ago

...This is the only Hyundai that looks remotely like a Mercedes Benz-_-

But atleast there not like the Chinese, im surprised they even get away with it..

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CoolShirtGuy  11y ago

Hyundai has been blatantly ripping off Mercedes designs for years now, really since the start of the new millenium. Look at an early-2000's Hyundai Sonata, then look at an early-2000's C-Class; that kind of similarity can't possibly be coincidence.

But as it's said: if you're going to steal, steal from the best.

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Super8  11y ago

Somehow the font remind me to Mercedes E63 AMG.

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Super8  11y ago

5.0 V8? I bet this car can bully some SRT-8 Chrysler and of course standard Mustang GT. I wonder when Japan will make something like this.

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Anon  11y ago

I test drove this car a year ago, just after a test of a challenger srt8 392, and this Hyundai is very impressive. Korean cars are not "korean" anymore

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Fsjoku  11y ago

But good job Hyundai

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Fsjoku  11y ago

Before the new Nissan GTR threatened Porsche
now Hyundai threatened BMW
What's next
LADA threatened Lamborghini :)

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Inline 6 rules  13y ago

376 lb-ft not Nm.


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Bugatti4Life the real one 5h 


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