Image of Isdera Commendatore 112i

Isdera Commendatore 112i (Mk I) specs

Car type Coupe
Curb weight 1447 kg (3190 lbs)
Introduced 1993
Origin country Germany
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0 - 100 kph4.8 s
Top speed341 kph (212 mph)

Powertrain specs

Engine type V12
Displacement 6.0 l (366 ci)
Power 408 ps (402 bhp / 300 kw)
Torque 580 Nm (428 lb-ft)
Power / liter 68 ps (67 hp)
Power / weight 282 ps (278 bhp) / t
Torque / weight 401 Nm (296 lb-ft) / t
Transmission 6
Layout middle engine, rear wheel drive
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hostboy  1y ago

It's a concept car so it never began production. It could even begin production today. I would prefer that this page gets deleted.

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196ss  1y ago

Actually looking at it, I expected less number.

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Fangio Man  9y ago


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Mental  10y ago

This is a great machine. Advanced tech, perfect aerodynamics, beautiful unique exterior. A special one. Shame it didn't become massively producted, such an excellent potential was...

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JAG  10y ago

@ Ferrari driver:
" 341 km/h with 400 PS"

This is not surprising at this car, because the Isdera is only !!!1040 mm hight!!! and 1880 mm width.

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Shaggy  10y ago

Most modern cars with 402 horsepower will do between 165 and 180 MPH, this car is very efficient, only needing 402 horsepower to do 211 MPH is pretty darn impressive.

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Ferrari driver  10y ago

341 km/h with 400 PS!?
That is impressive!

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Shaggy  10y ago

It looks futuristic.

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Paulo  12y ago

Ugly but awesome because it has power of german(mercedes,bmw,audi) but it does 341kmh

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Georg  15y ago

The car has a extrem aerodynamic... very slippery and small frontal surface area allowing high topspeeds

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rice  15y ago

212 i donno man thats an insane amount of speed for just 408 and for 1993 non the less. maybe if it had 520bhp it could but i donno know.