Image of Koenigsegg Gemera

Koenigsegg Gemera specs

Car type Coupe
Introduced 2020
Origin country Sweden
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Submitted by tyler

Powertrain specs

Engine type twin-turbo three-cylinder,3 electric motors
Displacement 2.0 l (122 ci)
Power 1724 ps (1700 bhp / 1268 kw)
Torque 3498 Nm (2580 lb-ft)
Power / liter 862 ps (850 hp)
Transmission Unknown
Layout middle engine, all wheel drive
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ChironSS  4d ago

Quote>"Koenigsegg Bangkok is operated by General Auto Supply Company Limited – the sole authorised importer and distributor of Koenigsegg vehicles in Thailand – a subsidiary of Sharich Holding."

This is important, if an authorized dealer doesn't know what they are talking about then nobody does.

Finally found something I can work with!

Quote>"In terms of performance, the zero to 100 km/h sprint takes just 1.9 seconds, zero to 200 km/h requires 4.9 seconds, and the car will exceed 400 km/h."

I'll definitely attempt a top speed calculation. At some point.

I'll start analysing these later. But if you look at the post below there's already issue's and problems.

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ChironSS  2m ago

You can read it yourselves but BELOW caught my eye straightaway!

Quote>"Though Christian got annoyed – at himself – for “needing a kick in the head to start thinking” about improving acceleration, the solution he found is just… wild. “We’re talking 0-250mph in 14 seconds, or something like this. It’s like, black marks all the way up to 250mph (400kmh).”

Koenigsegg have BARELY managed 0-400km/h in TWENTY THREE seconds (22.87) and now they PUBLICLY stated something NINE seconds quicker?

1700hp (on E85 only or 1600hp)
Four wheel drive
Mid engined


I mean I posted something earlier and that should give you an idea of what's required.

Like Bugatti Bolides 0-500km/h "claim" in putting this in the NO ****ING chance section unless proven otherwise by INDEPENDENT testing and verifications.

FFS. I like this car a little too. Mercedes and Lotus and Aston Martin too? It's just a war of computer simulated virtual reality artificial intelligence BOLLOCKS!

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benedekpuskas  2y ago

I realized that this name is actually quite good :D

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Bb Oseh   2y ago

Gotta be the one most revolutionary car atm

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196ss  2y ago

Engine without camshaft, transmission without gears, doors without handles...
What we will see in next Koenigsegg?
Wheels without tires?
Interior without seats?

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HighGear  2y ago

The rear fascia reminds me somewhat of a Porsche 718 Cayman, especially the rear lights and ducktail-like spoiler.

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HighGear  2y ago

High Gear Quick Review | 2021 Koenigsegg Gemera

The Gemera is a new creation from the firm you know for building the Jesko and Agera. Unlike those, however, the Gemera is Koenigsegg's first four-seat, all-wheel-drive vehicle. The Gemera utilizes an advanced hybrid powertrain - a "Tiny Friendly Giant" 2.0-liter 3-cylinder is paired with 3 electric motors. The 3-cylinder alone makes 600bhp and 443lb-ft, hence its name.

This equates to ferocious performance. The Gemera sprints from 0-60 mph in a mere 1.9s, then continues to 250mph. The 0-60mph time matches that of the 1,887bhp Rimac C_Two, and the top speed is just 8mph less. Don't forget that the 'Segg has 4 seats and a rear infotainment system.

300 units of the Gemera will be produced, at around $1.9m each, at the current exchange rates. if you want something in the spirit of the Ferrari GTC4Lusso, but many, many, times faster, the Gemera is for you.

Engine: 2.0-liter twin-turbocharged 3-cyl + 3 electric motors
Price: ~ $1,900,000
Power: 1700 bhp
Torque: 2581 lb-ft
Curb Weight: 4,079 lbs

0-60mph: 1.9s (claimed)
0-100mph: 4.1s*
Top Speed: 250mph

*HG est.

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Botan626  2y ago

The car has 8 carbon fiber cupholders.

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Art0  2y ago

2 litres only? :(


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Botan626  2y ago

600 hp

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ChironSS  4d ago @Botan626

On E85 only. It's actually 500hp.

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benedekpuskas  2y ago

these names are terrible...
Agera is OK
Regera is weird
Gemera is... I don't say anything.