Image of Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut

Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut (E85 Biofuel) specs

Car type Coupe
Dimensions 4.60 m (181 in) long, 2.03 m (80 in) wide, 1.22 m (48 in) high
Wheelbase 2.69 m (106 in)
Introduced 2021
Origin country Sweden
Views 1.6k
Submitted by aaayy

Powertrain specs

Engine type Twin-turbocharged DOHC V8
Displacement 5.0 l (305 ci)
Power 1625 ps (1603 bhp / 1195 kw)
Torque 1500 Nm (1106 lb-ft)
Power / liter 325 ps (321 hp)
Transmission 9-speed multi-clutch
Layout middle engine, rear wheel drive
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Corvolet3  3w ago

Jesko Absolut competition: Volvo 240 DL

Lol what

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hostboy  3w ago

Now THIS is a 300mph car. Properly aerodynamic. Actually producing the power as advertised. Not made by some snakesoil salesman who is from a confederate flag waving state. Legit the Modern Ferrari F40!

Ferrari was a businessman when he made a fundamentally similar car to break the 200mph barrier, with a twin-turbo V8 just like Koenigsegg and the Jesko.

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Cauf40f50  1m ago

given koenigsegg is always spot on with their top speeds the jesko can do 330 mph for sure

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Nats  8m ago

Using my own formula, here's my calculated or projected top speed of the fastest car, Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut, based on these parameters and conditions. Not knowing the actual powertrain loss, I can only work in reverse, like reverse engineering it, tie and match the horsepower loss to the other parameters. Solving S directly is not possible since it's not possible to isolate S or speed in the equation. One work around is to rearrange the formula and iterate to solve for S.

Air density or rho = 1.225 kg/m^3; 0.076474 lb/ft^3; 0.0023769 slug/ft^3 -> 59 F; 29.92 inHg; dry air or 0% humidity

S = Top speed (calculated) in mph
H = Horsepower (crank or Bhp)
Wt = Weight (Total) of car, driver and downforce, if any, in lbs (Wc + Wd + Df)
Wc = Weight of car in lbs
Wd = Weight of driver in lbs
Df = Downforce in lbs
Pl = Powertrain loss in decimal form -> 09% = 0.09; 10% = 0.10; 11% = 0.11; 12% = 0.12
Af = Frontal area in sq ft
Cd = Coefficient of drag
Cr = Coefficient of rolling resistance

H = [0.0025565AfCdS^3 + CrS(Wc + Wd + Df)]/[375(1 - pl)]

H = 1,600
S = 331.65 @9% Pl; 330.40 @10% Pl; 329.14 @11% Pl; 327,87 @12% Pl
Wt = 3,561 -> Wc = 3,065; Wd = 165; Df = 331
Pl = 9%, 10%, 11%, 12%
Af = 20.24 sq ft
Cd = 0.278
Cr = 0.018

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aaayy  8m ago

Here’s the math and equations explained and done:


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SpeedKing  8m ago

Apparently the Jesko Absolut has a drag coefficient of 0.278 and only 40 kgs of downforce at 150 mph so in theory it has the potential to do 330 mph? I'll believe it when i see it but all that it would take is a sudden gust of wind and you're history...

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zyga  8m ago

200l petrol tank?

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hostboy  8m ago

Bugatti and Koenigsegg aim 300mph like Ferrari and Ruf aimed 200.. hehe

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aaayy  8m ago

This is the streamlined top speed version. Koenigsegg is claiming 330 MPH. Specs are based off running on E85, feel free to change to gas.