Image of KTM RC16

KTM RC16 (2021) specs

Motorcycle type Sport
Years built 2021 - 2021
Origin country Austria
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Submitted by FastestLaps

Powertrain specs

Engine type V4 16 valve DOHC
Displacement 1000 cc
Transmission 6 speed sequential manual

Race results

Race # Driver Gap
Catalan GP 1st Miguel Oliveira -
Austrian GP 1st Brad Binder -
Italian GP 2nd Miguel Oliveira +2.6
German GP 2nd Miguel Oliveira +1.6
German GP 4th Brad Binder +7.9
Styrian GP 4th Brad Binder +12.8
Portuguese GP 5th Brad Binder +6.7
French GP 5th Danilo Petrucci +21.4
Italian GP 5th Brad Binder +4.9
Dutch TT 5th Miguel Oliveira +8.4
Austrian GP 6th Iker Lecuona +18.0
British GP 6th Brad Binder +12.2
Valencia GP 7th Brad Binder +8.4
British GP 7th Iker Lecuona +13.6
Aragon GP 7th Brad Binder +14.1
Catalan GP 8th Brad Binder +8.4
Doha GP 8th Brad Binder +5.0
San Marino GP 9th Brad Binder +16.1
United States GP 9th Brad Binder +15.8
French GP 9th Iker Lecuona +40.4

Qualifying results

Race # Driver Gap
Catalan GP 4th Miguel Oliveira +0.2
Emilia Romagna GP 5th Miguel Oliveira +0.4
Italian GP 6th Miguel Oliveira +0.6
Dutch TT 6th Miguel Oliveira +0.6
German GP 6th Miguel Oliveira +0.4
Italian GP 7th Brad Binder +0.6
Valencia GP 7th Brad Binder +0.6
Emilia Romagna GP 8th Iker Lecuona +0.8
Dutch TT 9th Iker Lecuona +0.9
Emilia Romagna GP 9th Danilo Petrucci +1.1
German GP 9th Brad Binder +0.5
Portuguese GP 10th Miguel Oliveira +0.6
French GP 10th Miguel Oliveira +1.3
Austrian GP 10th Miguel Oliveira +0.9
Catalan GP 10th Brad Binder +0.5
Styrian GP 11th Dani Pedrosa +0.7
Algarve GP 11th Iker Lecuona +0.7
United States GP 11th Brad Binder +1.0
Spanish GP 12th Brad Binder +0.7
Austrian GP 12th Brad Binder +0.9
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196ss  6m ago

1/4 mile - 9.5 sec



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Cauf40f50  6m ago

McLaren really does make great cars, both road and racing, but some of their fans are incredibly stupid.
You do realize that the McL35m hasnt got energy allocation rules , right?
What do you think would happen if you took every restriction off a LMP1 car?
Although I don't think your dumb head can think...

Just accept the fact that the fastest road Mclaren now is slower than the fastest road Porsche, and the fastest racing Mclaren is also slower than the fastest racing Porsche...
Or shoot yourself... I don't give a shit

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Aiexiel  6m ago @Cauf40f50

you sir, are incredibly confused

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TypeF173  6m ago @Aiexiel

Oh hell I'd forgotten about this? Look at that last line!😯

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Aiexiel  6m ago @TypeF173

his pfp shows it all. 😂

Photo of KTM RC16 2021

Photo of KTM RC16 2021

Photo of KTM RC16 2021

Photo of KTM RC16 2021