Image of Lotus Eleven

Lotus Eleven specs

Car type Open-wheeler
Curb weight 618 kg (1362 lbs)
Dimensions 3.28 m (129 in) long, 1.47 m (58 in) wide, 0.91 m (36 in) high
Wheelbase 2.08 m (82 in)
Introduced 1956
Origin country United Kingdom
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Submitted by Viking

Powertrain specs

Engine type sohc inline 4 cylinder
Displacement 1.1 l (67 ci / 1098 cc)
Power 84 ps (83 bhp / 62 kw) @ 6800 rpm
Power / liter 77 ps (76 hp)
Power / weight 136 ps (134 bhp) / t
Transmission 4 speed manual
Layout front engine, rear wheel drive
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Fangio Man  8y ago

1.1-1.5 liter Conventry-Climax engine for the Le Mans version!

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Super8  8y ago

Whoa! More track monster. Nice job Viking!

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Apathy  8y ago

It's fine Viking. It will stay

It was only deleted because "smartnunique001"... aka... "Classics Dreamin" added it.

No posts or additions of his will be accepted. He has had too many violations and is continually circumventing a ban.

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Mental  8y ago

This is pretty nice classic Lotus race car. The car is the reflection of pure Chapman's recipe: the minimum weight - the maximum performance.

And this car really looks like a road-legal. At the picture clearly can be noticed license plate.

Visually, this car reminds me Jaguar D-Type. I like this green Lotus.

I've added several photos of this car, please, take a look at the third photo. Curiously, safety bar and the mirror at the white background make an illusion of the Stig's helmet, so Stiggy behind the steering wheel. :D

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Viking  8y ago

I know that this car just got deleted, but actually it was completely street legal and sold to customers who drove it on actual roads. Around 275 series 1 and 2 models were sold. Most of the specs come from a road test done by Road and Track magazine in the March 1957 issue. They said that while the dry weight of the Le Mans model was 1000 lbs, the actual tested curb weight was 1360 lbs. 0-60 mph was done in 9.0 seconds, and the 1/4 mile in 16.0 seconds. As usual some of the stats come out wrong: wheelbase is 85", length 134", width 60", height to the top of the fin is 37", front track is 46.5", and rear track is 47". The Autocar magazine also tested one of these Le Mans models, and found that with the full width windshield the top speed was much lower than with the single seat style windshield. Small single seat windshield Le Mans could reach 132 mph, while full width could only reach 112 mph.