Image of Maserati Grecale Trofeo

Maserati Grecale Trofeo specs

Car type SUV/truck
Introduced 2023
Origin country Italy
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Submitted by Shwingbob

Powertrain specs

Engine type V6 twin turbo
Displacement 3.0 l (183 ci)
Power 530 ps (523 bhp / 390 kw)
Torque 620 Nm (457 lb-ft)
Power / liter 177 ps (174 hp)
Transmission 8 speed automatic
Layout front engine, all wheel drive
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altimgamr  2m ago

maser makes suvs for cousinbangers, thats why ferrari and mopar dont want association with them, third worst lux brand in existence next to linc and cadi

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V10  7m ago

Did they really give a different engine than in the Stelvio Q? 😮


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FastestLaps  7m ago

If its from MC20 then of course its different. It is Maserati's new in-house high performance engine.

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hostboy  7m ago

This is what the next Stelvio QV and/or Grand Cherokee Trackhawk will become.

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benedekpuskas  7m ago

If you mixed a Porsche Macan, a Ford Puma, and an Alfa Stelvio you'd get this.. 😀 But I like it!

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Shwingbob  7m ago

0-60 mph in 3.6 seconds and top speed of 177 mph