Image of Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman

Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman specs

Car type 4-door saloon
Introduced 1969
Origin country Germany
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0 - 60 mph10.0 s
Top speed200 kph (124 mph)
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Fangio Man  9y ago

Size: 6240 (!) mm long, 1950 mm wide, 1500 mm high, 3900 mm wheelbase

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Viking  9y ago

Wow, this thing is bigger than a 1959 Cadillac!

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Shaggy  9y ago

I've seen shorter school buses.

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Ferrari driver  9y ago

If im right, one of this cars was/is owned by John Lennon!
But 6m long!?
Hard to find a place for parking this.

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Mental  9y ago

Wow! Now that's a gross one! And here I've some data for this Pullman:
Weights 2660 kg and 6.2 meters long.
And that's very fast for such dimensions, especially in 1969!


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Wasim  9y ago

Please send me quote for Mercedes 600 - Model 1964 to 1981 with sunroof. when it available

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haydn  11y ago

its a 6.9 liter v8 not a 6.3

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Monkfg  11y ago

10 seconds to 60mph is very good for a 1969 stretch. Does anyone know the weight?