Image of Mercedes-Benz C320

Mercedes-Benz C320 specs

Car type 4-door saloon
Curb weight 1495 kg (3296 lbs)
Introduced 2000
Origin country Germany
Views 24k
Submitted by Bezza

Lap times

Track Time
Mireval 1:46.24


0 - 100 kph7.6 s
Est. 0 - 60 mph7.1 s
0 - 100 mph19.3 s
Est. 1/8 mile10.9 s @ 77.7 mph
1/4 mile15.9 s
Top speed245 kph (152 mph)
Mercedes-Benz C320 acceleration graph

Powertrain specs

Engine type V6 24 valve
Displacement 3.2 l (195 ci)
Power 224 ps (221 bhp / 165 kw)
Torque 309 Nm (228 lb-ft)
Power / liter 70 ps (69 hp)
Power / weight 150 ps (148 bhp) / t
Torque / weight 207 Nm (152 lb-ft) / t
Transmission 5 (auto)
Layout front engine, rear wheel drive

More 0-60 and 1/4 mile times

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Mat  3m ago

I'm 17 and it's my first car! It's a blast for an old, used car. Very good and reliable engine (M112), decent steering and acceleration is fun

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Ken in W ME  9m ago

I’m 57 and have one! One of the best cars I’ve owned with the 4matic all wheel drive system. Living in the snowy Northeast this car is amazing, and if I do manage to get it sideways it will straighten itself out using individual brake management. For 2004, it’s got high tech safety built in. It’s small, and I admit I’d take my R350 instead if I have a lot of adults along but this car makes me smile every time I drive it. 16 years old now and only maintenance work needed, other than the damned clicking from a heater vent actuator that’s a known issue. I put on 4 Cooper True North studless snow tires this winter and honestly get up hills and around icy curves like it’s dry out- just have to watch my mirrors for the guys behind me who can’t stop or corner as well. Have run Mobil 1 since new along with Mann fleece oil filters, every 10k and now at 113,000 miles it still purrs and will put you back in your seat, while getting very good fuel economy. They recommend only Premium gas, and that’s all I’ve run in it, except a handful of times when I was out of state and couldn’t get the high test gas. If you can find one used and have it checked out by an indie mechanic, I’d grab it and never look back. Prior to owning a MB, I believed parts and service would be insane but truthfully, parts aren’t much more than American cars and working in these is the same as any car, as long as you have the metric tools and TORX drivers. If you need to communicate with the numerous body modules and computer, then you need the dealer...but luckily I’ve avoided all that. This car is old enough that you can put LED lights in the headlamps and rear lights and it doesn’t cause malfunction lights to come on, unlike my newer Benz. Mines in Mars Red with every option available, delivered from the dealership in NH and it’s lived in rural mountains of western Maine ever since so rust prohibitive panels work great! No rust anywhere, although I do run it through a good car wash after each storm, to get the salt and salt brine off . Maine uses brine now and applies it before and during snow and ice events, and that %# gets everywhere in nooks that will eat up cars in mere years, so I’ve tried to keep her clean. In summary, just a great car that keeps going and makes me feel safe during commutes as well as long drives. Get one if you can find it!


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Emily  2m ago

If it makes you feel better the clicking from my heater eventually went away.

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Old man  10y ago

I'm 41 and I have one :)

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thisguy  10y ago

very comfort drive and automatic very nice...if i was 40 i would want one haha

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joe camarillo  10y ago

the c320 is a fast car. i maxed my 05 c320 to 160 mph. it wen from 0-60 in like 3.5 seconds. fastest car ive drove so far. cant wait to try the sl 900.

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ahmad  12y ago

rong info regardin c320 1st v6 18 valve 218hp 0to60,6.8
Year of introduction 2001
Quarter mile 15.1

Photo of Mercedes-Benz C320

Photo of Mercedes-Benz C320