Image of NSU TT

NSU TT specs

Car type Coupe
Curb weight 685 kg (1510 lbs)
Introduced 1965
Origin country Germany
Gas mileage 12.0 l/100 km (20 mpg US / 24 mpg UK)
Views 10.1k
Submitted by Georg


0 - 100 kph13.0 s
Top speed160 kph (99 mph)
Est. emissions287 g/km

Powertrain specs

Engine type inline4 8V
Displacement 1.2 l (73 ci)
Power 65 ps (64 bhp / 48 kw)
Torque 88 Nm (65 lb-ft)
Power / liter 54 ps (54 hp)
Power / weight 95 ps (94 bhp) / t
Torque / weight 128 Nm (95 lb-ft) / t
Efficiency 5 PS per l/100 km
Transmission 4 speed manual
Layout rear engine, rear wheel drive
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Hoppelmoppel123  2y ago

ClassicCars test (8/2020)
0-100 kph: 13 s
Top Speed: 160 kph
Fuel tested: 12.1 l/100 km

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Super8  9y ago

NSU TT = Need for Speed Underground Twin Turbo

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Viking  10y ago

Wow, it does look like a shrunken Corvair! The headlights I think are identical (maybe purchased from GM?).

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Shaggy  10y ago

LOL, it looks like someone threw a Corvair into a dryer! It's a clown car!

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Fangio Man  10y ago

A kind of reminds me of the Trabant.

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Mental  11y ago

OH MY GOD! It is a sport version of the 1972 ZAZ 968, lol!

Find out ten differences! :)

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A156  14y ago

That is the legacy of the Audi TT! According to old magazine reviews, NSU TT was a real > fun to drive

car. Furthermore, it was needed only a few modifications to take part in a race of its times.

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Georg  14y ago

TT stands for Tourist Trophy on the isle of Man which NSU had won in 1954

Photo of NSU TT