Image of Pontiac GTO Ram Air V

Pontiac GTO Ram Air V (Judge) specs

Car type Coupe
Curb weight 1575 kg (3472 lbs)
Dimensions 5.13 m (202 in) long, 1.91 m (75 in) wide, 1.32 m (52 in) high
Wheelbase 2.85 m (112 in)
Introduced 1969
Origin country United States
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0 - 100 kph5.1 s
0 - 60 mph4.9 s
1/4 mile12.6 s @ 110.0 mph
Top speed295 kph (183 mph)


Engine type Pontiac V-8 OHV Iron Block
Displacement 6.6 l (400 ci / 6555 cc)
Power 532 ps (525 bhp / 391 kw) @ 7500 rpm
Power / liter 81 ps (80 hp)
Power / weight 338 ps (333 bhp) / t
Transmission 4 Speed Manual (3.54 ratio)
Layout front engine, rear wheel drive
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Eric  2w ago

I was a teenager in the Detroit suburbs in the 70s. I had a friend who's dad was a Pontiac employee (I can't recall what Mr. Poole did there). The father had a 428 Ram Air V and put it into a 69 Firebird and gave it to his son (my buddy) after Dave had 2 minor wrecks and getting in trouble with the Royal Oak PD his Dad took it away from him. That Firebird was wicked fast and was a handful to drive. Throttle steering it was easy, and it was a high revver. It also had manners under 4000 RPM. Above that it acted like a turbo kicked in! It was WAY too much car for a kid- but in those days lots of guys had one off stuff from the big 3 so it wasn't rare to see amazing cars in the tawney suburbs high school parking lots.

I was in a machine shop in Detroit in '78 looking for a special 289 part and the grungy kid working there showed me a 303 CI Ram Air V head. It looked like a FE tunnel Port head but the push rod bosses were cast not steel tubes.

I had no idea I was in the midst of the greatest years of Detroit muscle then. It wasn't until the abortions of 1977 on became the normal turds from Detroit for the next 30 years that I realized just how special those days were. "Too soon old and too late smart"

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BR2+  6y ago

...Yeah, Like english is the only language....

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bobcat  6y ago

People who can't spell or speak English are rarely respected in car circles...

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JasonScott  6y ago

Tripped across this page and thought I'd share some info about the RA-V engine production that I got straight from Jim Wangers, Milt Schornack (of Royal Pontiac), and various Pontiac engineers from back in the day for magazine articles and book fodder.

Hopefully this helps clear up the confusion.

The RA-V was developed in 3 sizes: 303, 400 & 428. NONE were ever installed in vehicles on a production assembly line. Not even in Canada.

Super8 is correct: A few hundred 303 crate engines were built ... in an effort to certify the engine for SCCA Trans-Am series use.

At least 29 400-inch RA-V crate motors were built for sale through GM Parts Div.

No one that I've spoken with knew of any 428s that were built and offered for sale.

But Mike Ornellas is correct about the test mules: several were built (unknown number). At least one documented 428 RA-V test mule GTO exists in North Carolina. (I know the owner, but keep that info private.) And last I knew, the blue/white RA-V car was in Michigan.

But, basically, while the Ram Air V program was intended to go into production, it never made it further than the crate motor stage. Again, NONE were ever installed in production vehicles on a Pontiac assembly line. All cars -- including the test mules -- were hand-assembled in engineering garages or (as Super8 pointed out) by Royal Pontiac ... or anyone else who ordered a crate motor and installed it in their garage.

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mikeornellas  6y ago

OK Super 8 genius.

You need to do some more reading.

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Super8  7y ago

The blue Pontiac from pic below is one of the 4 Royal Bobcat Ram Air V car that documented. There's a Royal Bobcat badges behind the car and the hood has Ram Air V badge near the vent.

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Super8  7y ago

I know this page is old but I just found out something new. Pontiac build 250 Ram Air V but only the engine. Most of them gone to racing and the rest is brought back to factory to be stored or destroy. Only 4 street car that documented and survive. All of them are factory option from Royal Pontiac and badges as Royal Bobcat car. Some test has been done by Royal Pontiac including the 1/4 mile. Fastest 1/4 mile in standard condition is 12.6 sec @ 109.52 mph but it was done on windy and cold day. On normal weather, it can do faster than that considering Ram Air V had 500 hp. It's only available for 1969 only because in 1970, Royal Pontiac didn't want to touch performance thing on GTO because they think it's enough. But, it can be ordered from dealer and fitted to GTO thought.

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Shaggy  8y ago

I never even heard of this version of the Pontiac GTO, Ram Air V, I expect way less than 250 of these were built, like mike ornellas said, only a handful.

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mike ornellas  8y ago

Actually GM made a hand full of test mules with a V motor in them. Executives were able to test these cars on the back lots of PMC.

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Super8  8y ago

@ 421 SD: Nope, you're wrong! Try to read this!
It's available as crate engine after 1970.

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421SD  8y ago

No Ram Air V engines were installed by the factory in any body style. These engines were only available as crate engines or parts.

Do your research before opening your mouth or posting comments.

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Super8  9y ago

It's unknown how much Pontiac built this GTO but i think it's less than 250 unit just like Firebird Ram Air V

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Super8  9y ago

This is the rarest Pontiac and fastest Pontiac GTO in 1969 to 1970. It has max redline up to 8000 rpm. Very good for top speed run on NASCAR track but useless for drag race. Because of that, none of this vehicles fitted with close ratio. All of them fitted with long ratio 4 speed transmission.