Image of Porsche 356/2 Gmünd Coupe

Porsche 356/2 Gmünd Coupe specs

Car type Coupe
Curb weight 613 kg (1351 lbs)
Introduced 1948
Origin country Austria
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General performance

Top speed142 kph (88 mph)

Powertrain specs

Engine type Flat 4, OHV
Displacement 1.1 l (67 ci)
Power 41 ps (40 bhp / 30 kw) @ 4200 rpm
Torque 71 Nm (52 lb-ft) @ 3300 rpm
Power / liter 37 ps (36 hp)
Power / weight 66 ps (65 bhp) / t
Torque / weight 116 Nm (85 lb-ft) / t
Transmission VW 4 speed manual
Layout rear engine, rear wheel drive
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Shaggy  8y ago

It looks like it would be a blast to drive, the first Porsche.

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Fangio Man  8y ago

Yeah a Cayman engine and harder chassis,springs and a roll cage!

But I would rather put a cycle engine in it (like in the Zcars Mini).

The 356 is a great car for oldtimer rallys.

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Fangio Man  8y ago

Explenation why this car was built in Austria:

Porsche went to Gmünd in Austria in 1944 because Stuttgart was threat of bomb attacks.
The first Porsche (Porsche 356 Nr. 1 Roadster) was built there.
Some years after the second world war (1950) they went back to Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen.

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Mental  9y ago

I wish had one of these "beetles". If I could put the engine from modern Cayman into this baby, it could be quite fast on tracks, especially on the corners, cause it's very light.